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How Diversity & Sustainability are Influencing the Australian Fashion Landscape

Specialising in showcasing Australian fashion labels, stylists, models, designers, and creatives we’ve spotted in the street, COCKTAIL REVOLUTION has achieved the remarkable feat of ranking 18th in Australian Fashion online. The ranking appears in International website ranker FeedSpot which has published a list of the Top 60 Australian Fashion Blogs. In an industry dominated by the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Russh, Refinery 29 and other international media giants, the ranking reflects the growing interest in our approach of combining Australian fashion, diversity and sustainability.

What makes COCKTAIL REVOLUTION’s high ranking exciting is the platform it provides for Australian fashion brands. In a world where global fashion trends tend to overshadow local talent, COCKTAIL REVOLUTION celebrates and champions homegrown creativity. It has become a valuable catalyst for exposure and success of independent Australian fashion brands, changing the way Aussies see and consume fashion. Sustainability is now key.

Plus Size Dresses
Peloponnesee The Label

One aspect that sets COCKTAIL REVOLUTION apart is its dedication to diversity and inclusion. An important element of this has been championing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander designers and creatives. We celebrate fashion in all its forms, representing, reflecting and catering to a myriad of styles, body types, and cultural backgrounds. This commitment to embracing diversity that earned COCKTAIL REVOLUTION a High Commendation in the recent Governor’s Multicultural Awards for Media, second only to the revered ABC.

Aboriginal Clothing Brands
Featured: Buluuyi Mirri scarf,shirt, blazer, pants; Bag- Nowa the Label.

For the vibrant community of Australian fashion designers, retailers and brands featured on COCKTAIL REVOLUTION, we have created an avenue to connect directly with a diverse audience of fashion-conscious individuals, eager to discover the next big thing in Australian fashion.

By focusing solely on Australian labels, COCKTAIL REVOLUTION provides exciting benefits for Australian fashion brands: an avenue to be discovered and gain credibility and recognition within their own country and expanding a loyal customer base that appreciates their unique style and supports their journey.

Charlene Ye Davies

COCKTAIL REVOLUTION’S consistent street style theme has seen us rank in the undeniably impressive third position on the world wide web for “street fashion“. With an unparalleled eye for emerging trends and a finger on the pulse of urban style, we have been able to capture the essence of authentic Australian street fashion like no other.

Akon Kur
Tee: HAB; Jeans : Sustainable Clothing Co; Clogs: Love of Clogs

Fuelled by a strong belief in the power of conscious consumption, we aim to inspire and inform fashion lovers about the importance of sustainability in their wardrobe choices. We are all about empowering fashion lovers to express their unique style while contributing to a greener future—a refreshing cocktail of fashion and sustainability that tastes as good as it looks.

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