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Fashion is as much about lifestyle as it is about the clothes we wear and how we wear them.

!n the 2020’s it’s also about sustainability and making conscious choices that leave a smaller and kinder footprint on our planet. We only have one, and it’s in real trouble right now unless we nurture it  back to wellness.

Here’s where you’ll find everything you’re looking for about the fashion lifestyle you’ll feel good about. We’re not just talking clothes, but how to have a fashionable lifestyle without relying on plastics. We’ve got new places for you to visit for your best vintage finds and where you might go to get some help in looking after your favourite items of clothing that you want to wear forever.

One of the hardest things to practise in living a sustainable yet fashionable lifestyle is working out what fabrics you should be choosing when you go shopping for on-trend outfits. Not all are created equally when it comes to their effects on the planet and what happens to them when you are done with them. Here’s the go-to for your how-to!

On top of that, we’ve even got tips on renovating your living space, whether it’s a room, apartment or house, using recycled materials. Want to bring more of the outdoors inside?  You’ll even find the most resilient house plants to help green your lifestyle for more than a couple of months.


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