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6 Sustainable Australian Clothing Brands Leading The Way

Sustainable Australian Clothing Brands

As consumers drive the fashion industry towards greater sustainability, it’s not so surprising to see that sustainable Australian clothing brands have embraced the trend and are now leading the way. From pre-loved to made-to-order, whatever their methods, they all have one thing in common, the desire to go gently on our planet.

One of the key factors that make clothing sustainable is the use of eco-friendly materials. Local label HAB Australia uses hemp, an eco-friendly fabric that is much kinder to the planet than most others.

Another vital aspect of sustainable fashion is ethical production. This is not only about ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions throughout the supply chain, it can also be about choosing hand-made garments and accessories rather than mass produced products. On that score, Love of Clogs comes out on top.

Of course circular fashion is the best form of sustainability and that’s where game changer The Sustainable Clothing Co comes in. All their gear is pre-loved, while at the same time very cool. They’re in good company with House of Taylor Collective who hand-make one-off stylish dresses out of ….TEA TOWELS and other vintage fabrics.

Then there’s Harlow, a premium Australian plus size brand which makes garments only after they have been pre-ordered and they’re made right here in Melbourne. And another premium made-to-order sustainable Australian clothing brand that you need to know about that also caters for curves is Peloponnese the Label.

Stylist Tracey Bryans put together a number of different looks featuring these leading sustainable Australian clothing brands. Emphasising sustainable living, each look features different forms of sustainable transport, from roller-blades to skateboards, the humble foot, to electric cars.

Sustainable Clothing Co X Love of Clogs

Sustainable Australian Clothing
Footwear: Love of Clogs. All other items: Sustainable Clothing Co
Sustainable Australian Cloihing
All garments including footwear from The Sustainable Clothing Co

HAB X Sustainable Clothing Co & Love of Clogs

Sustainable Australian Clothing
Tees: HAB Australia; Denims: Sustainable Clothing Co
Sustainable Clothing Australia
Tees: HAB Australia; Denims: Sustainable Clothing Co; Clogs: Love of Clogs

House of Taylor

Dresses Made from Tea Towels
Dresses: House of Taylor Collective
First Nations Fashion Design
First Nations Fashion Design

Harlow X Love of Clogs

Trench Coat with Play Suit
Beige Trench & Playsuit: Harlow; Footwear: Love of Clogs
Harlow Plus Size sustainable outfits
Coats, Skirt, Top & Playsuit: Harlow. Footwear: Love of Clogs
Skirt, top and coat by Harlow Australia
Skirt, top and coat by Harlow

Peloponnese The Label X Love of Clogs

Sustainable Australian Clothing
Hand-dyed Pant & Top: Peloponnese The Label; Black Ensemble – Peloponnese The Label; Footwear- Love of Clogs
First Nations Fashion Design
First Nations Fashion Design

Sustainable Clothing Co
Love of Clogs
House of Taylor Collective
Peloponnese The Label

Models: Aisha Nikora & Akon Kur
Stylist: Tracey Bryans
Photographer: Dimitra Koriozos
Electric Vehicle: Volvo C40

Location: North Adelaide & River Torrens

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