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The Trend That’s Making Best Use of Your Old Skirts

The Layered Skirt Look

It’s a trend that emerged Down Under during the Melbourne Fashion Festival and it’s one that we’re excited to see. The layered skirt look takes a little bit of resourcefulness and a lot of courage to pull off. It’s not for the faint-hearted but if you love the look and you have a few skirts sitting in a pile at the back of your wardrobe, it’s an exciting way to give them new life.

Wearing skirts over pants isn’t new, although it has taken a while to really catch on.

dress worn over jeans
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Its the twist of multiple layers that gives layered skirt look a refreshing new life. That, and you’re layering over dresses instead of pants.

There are as many ways of wearing the layered skirt look as there are skirts. Mixing patterns takes a whole lot of skill to pull off nicely, but it can be done. Victoria Preshaw pulled off a multi-checkered look when she turned up at the Melbourne Fashion Festival. Showing how effective it can be, her eye-catching style combined tartans with a beret.

Victoria Preshaw
Image Credit: Dimitra Koriozos

Maggie Zhou also wore four of her favourite skirts as a dress to the Melbourne Fashion Festival, then removed one of them to top off her look by wearing it over her shoulders as a shawl! Ever the slow fashion enthusiast, no doubt Maggie’s look will inspire a few more to don layered skirts at the upcoming Australian Fashion Week.

Maggie Zhou
Image: @yemagz

Then there’s the possibility of simply wrapping a maxi in a shorter contrasting skirt. When we say contrast, we’re not only talking about colours, but also textures. It’s not a new look. It actually goes back as far as 2016. Why are we only noticing it now? Who knows, but it’s definitely a looks that defies time limits, so is well worth a try!

layered skirts
Image: @stylevitae & @shoestova_

While there are a million ways to style a skirt, the layered skirt look is the one that’s catching on right now, and there’s a million ways to style it. If you’re feeling bold enough, it’s a trend we’d love to see more of. Just imagine all those old single-use skirts being saved from land-fill!

Featured Image: Victoria Preshaw at the Melbourne Fashion Festival

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