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Cocktail Revolution is all about Diversity in Fashion, Australian street style and sustainability. It's your go-to digital mag for the stuff you're interested in, without the hype.

Cocktail Revolution started in 2012 in response to the lack of coverage of diverse Australian faces by the mainstream media. Our version of diversity includes all genders, body shapes, abilities and of course all ethnicities. We have always embraced diversity. It’s why we do what we do.

Focussed on authentic street style, Cocktail Revolution documents the quirky, the stylish, the high-end and the diverse styles of young Australians as they go about their day. Since 2012, Cocktail Revolution has been snapping the real faces of Australia, reflecting their diversity in all its forms, including personal style and fashion choices.

We’re not talking professional models, but diverse and stylish young people whom our shutterbugs would come upon in city streets in the capital cities around Australia. Not models and not pre-prepared in any way, these diverse faces of Australia have appeared in our regular weekly street style gallery until Covid brought us all into lockdown. Since April 2019, our weekly street style gallery has been on hold, but will return when we are confident that it is safe for our photographers to start pounding the streets again, introducing themselves to strangers and asking to snap their unique style.

In the process, Cocktail Revolution has come to be recognised as a leading street style, fashion and photography platform for Australian fashion labels. Cocktail Revolution reflects the diversity and original styling that you’d never see anywhere else. In 2019 Cocktail Revolution was first ranked in the top 4 street fashion blogs in the world by a California based marketing research company and now ranks in the top 3.

In the world of fashion magazines and street style blogs, it's a kind of revolution. More of a Cocktail Revolution.

Long before the Black Lives Matter movement reverberated around the world, Cocktail Revolution was featuring black and brown street stylers, models, fashion labels and other businesses. When major fashion magazines were forced to apologise for focussing on only a single, white-washed version of beauty, Cocktail Revolution had already been featuring stories and images of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander models for almost 10 years.

Providing a platform for the Australian labels that everyone wants to discover, but mainstream fashion magazines would fail to cover, Cocktail Revolution is the home of diversity, sustainability and authentic street style fashion.

From Australian Fashion Week to the Melbourne Fashion Festival and everything that’s been happening in Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane, we’re covering everything from the off-runway looks and fashion choices that people are wearing to attend, to the diverse runways, the back-stage vibes and off-runway styles of a diverse array of models. More recently we’re adding cross-cultural hair and beauty tips, events in your town and new bars and cafes you should try.

We're serious about protecting the planet, that's why you won't find us on paper! Cocktail Revolution is a strictly digital platform. There’s heaps to read about how to reduce your carbon footprint, sustainable Australian fashion labels, the most sustainable fabrics to look out for when shopping, how to be a conscious consumer, going plastic-free, and the latest in vintage fashion shopping.

Cocktail Revolution is your go-to digital platform for Australian street style fashion, diversity and sustainability, along with a steely focus on Australian fashion and accessories labels.

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