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Unlocking Hair Radiance

Best Hair Products to Enhance Your Locks

Australia is known for its unique beauty culture that elevates the idea of looking relaxed, natural and healthy. Hair is an important part of looking good and relies very much on the care we give to our hair. Walk into almost any leading hair salon in Australia and its very likely that the shelves will be stocked with Parisian hair care brand Kérastase. Why Kérastase has come to be so popular with Aussies is a longer story. Read on…

Best Hair Products

Elevating Your Hair Routine

Parisian and luxury go hand in hand in the eyes of most Aussies. So it’s inevitable that a Parisian hair care company would be taken seriously by professionals who want to give their clients the best results. The brand has famously researched hair care health for six decades and shared its reasearch with the hair care industry. Ingredients designed to strengthen hair fibres, support and soothe scalp health, and address hair care worries set the brand ahead of the pack. Hair science is a thing and based on research, the results that hair care specialists have been able to achieve for their clients with Kérastase is at the heart of the brand’s popularity.

Best Hair Products

Choosing the Right Product

Kérastase’s wide range of hair products opens a world of new possibilities, filled as it is with so many products designed to cater to diverse needs. Choosing the right product for specific issues lies at the heart of beautiful, radiant hair. Thinking about hair type and texture, along with lifestyle, environment and desired result is best left to the professionals. That’s why hair stylists will take the time to get to know your lifestyle and activities and the demands on your hair. Do you swim every day? In a pool or the ocean? Do you work in an air conditioned office, or outdoors? How much will your hair be exposed to the sun? How often do you wash your hair. What’s its natural condition? Do you colour your hair? How often? Do you have a sensitive scalp? Does your hair need to be completely rejuvenated?

Best Hair Products

Because there are so many variables when it comes to hair, professional stylists need to ask and make sure they address every individual client’s specific needs. The wide range of well-researched products has helped make Kérastase the favourite of professional hair stylists.

For example, two products that are worth asking about are the Chronologiste range and the Resistance line. If you want to rejuvenate your locks completely, look no further than the Chronologiste collection. It’s an all-inclusive rejuvenating powerhouse that targets everything from your scalp to your tips. For those looking for more strength and resilience, you’ll find your ally with the Resistance line.

Best Hair Products

Like beauty and fashion, hair care, styles and trends are always evolving. As a premier brand, Kérastase has also evolved and is able to suit a wide range of preferences, from the sleek straight styles of the city to the tousled waves of the beach. Whether it’s a look to go with Australia’s effortless elegance or the sophistication of Paris’s Champs-Élysées, styles and standards are always changing. What women love about this brand is that it’s not only able to keep up, but it will always have a product that can deliver the very latest looks for locks.

Tips for Maximising Results

Best Hair Products Kérastase

Once you’ve decided that you’re serious about having your hair look its absolute best, you’ll need to discuss with your stylist your exact requirements. Does it need to be repaired, revitalised or hydrated? Everyone accepts that a skin care routine is an essential daily ritual. To get your hair looking its best, hair care also requires a beauty routine.

If your preference is for a glossy finish, you might choose a treatment. What type and how often depends on your unique needs. For example, the Elixir Ultime collection, enhanced with precious oils, may be your first pick. And while some products are meant to be applied once a week, others more often, how the changing seasons affect your hair is also a factor.


Ensuring Radiant Hair

With 60 years of research behind it, there’s no reason to wonder about why Kérastase Australia is the country’s leading luxury hair care brand. Like skin care, hair care is essential to help you look your best. Quality products give quality results and luxury products give radiant results and that includes what your use on your hair.

All Images: @Kerastase_proclub
Featured Image: Jordan Najera

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