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Fashion Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed

Fashion Tips You Must Know

Looking to revamp your look? Need to keep up with the latest trends in womens fashion? Here’s what you need to know to keep yourself looking fab and fresh while working with what’s already in your wardrobe.

 Colours are Everything

Womens fashion blogger:Karabelle
Fashion Blogger - Joely Malcom

New day – new trends, patterns and fabrics. It’s hard to keep up. One secret to keeping on trend is looking at what colours are circulating. Rather than buying new styles and cuts, simply peer back into your own wardrobe. Making coloured pieces at the centre of your outfits will ensure you’re up with the latest womens fashion trends. Hint: mint green and lilac are still all the rage.

Style is Fluid

Womens Fashioin blogger Ash Parker
Fashion blogger Yasmin Deborah

Gone are the days of rigidly following certain seen-as-hip fashion labels. There’s so much womens fashion to choose from. Today’s trends allow you to freely express yourself through clothing. Maybe you channel a grunge look one day but you’re inspired by feminine florals the next. Opening your opinions to various  fashion styles may be scary but it’s equally exhilarating. Take a vintage grunge t-shirt. With statement pants and bold accessories, you’ll create an alternative and bright outfit. Worn with a floaty skirt and heeled boots, it’s a more feminine look.

Wear It Over and Over Again

Blogger - Weekend Muse
womens fashion blogger Flex Mami

Wear an item once for the ‘gram and leave it to rot in your wardrobe? Don’t be silly! In this climate of environmental sustainability, outfit repeating is encouraged. Fool your friends and wear the same item of clothing multiple ways. A dress can be layered with t-shirts and turtlenecks underneath. It can be tucked into bottoms to appear as a top. With a sweater or loose tee on top, you’ve got a new skirt. Magic. And still the trendiest in womens fashion.

Thrift This

Jacko Blythe - blogger
Womens fashion blogger Alvssa

Op shopping in theory sounds great. Unique, affordable clothes that don’t contribute to fast fashion and the stockpiles of waste. The reality can often be more like becoming overwhelmed by piles and piles and rack upon rack of seemingly endless styles and sizes. Sometimes going in with an open mind without searching for anything in particular is preferable. But, if you’re time poor there’s a way to conquer. Head straight for the staples. In your mens or womens fashion sections, there’s a goldmine of basics – hoodies, button-up shirts or tees.

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