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Stop Making These 5 Fashion Mistakes

Fashion Tips to Avoid Outfit Regrets

Put an end to outfit regret by heeding these fashion tips you’ll wish you’d always known. It’s not about hard and fast rules about what to, or what not to wear. The biggest mistakes you’re making have nothing to do with clashing prints or meeting social expectations. Here are the top 5 basic mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

1. Disregarding Comfort

Taking the ‘fashion is pain’ approach to dressing might give you a feeling of superiority when you debut an impossibly chic getup at a party. That is, until the discomfort sets in and you’re walking around like Bambi on ice while your friends are dancing the night away. There’s nothing fashionable about pulling at a dress that keeps riding up or worrying about a potential nip-slip.

Dressing comfortably doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Nobody is pretending that a cute pair of heels or a mini skirt is the most comfortable sartorial choice you can make, but being comfortable enough to carry yourself with confidence will do more for your overall look than anything else.

Fashion tips to improve style
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2. Prioritising Trends Over Developing Personal Style

Say it with us now: trendiness does not equate to good style. In a fast-moving, novelty-loving industry, avoiding the pull of what is ‘trending’ is one of the best fashion tips to follow. Leave dressing head-to-toe in the latest fad for disingenuous influencers. Personal style can’t be achieved by pulling looks straight off the mannequin, so embrace your individual tastes and inspirations. Regardless of outside opinions, if you dress for your own tastes, you’re unlikely to regret your choices.MBFW style

3. Buying Into Body Type ‘Rules’

There’s no need to buy into any idea of body type specific dressing – whether that be that curves ought to be hidden or dramatically enhanced. Even if you tend to see more of a certain type of figure flaunting particular clothing styles, it doesn’t mean that style is reserved for those bodies alone.

You’ve probably been bombarded with countless fashion tips and style ‘rules’ about dressing for your body type. Ultimately, the only one to take note of is that you should wear the clothing that makes you feel most confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Fashion tips to improve style
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4. Choosing Quantity Over Quality

When it comes to building a beautiful wardrobe, the amount of clothing you have should play no part. Variety in the form of dozens of polyester party dresses from suspiciously low-priced fast fashion retailers is a style crisis waiting to happen. A major fashion tip to take on board is to scale back your impulse purchases.

Learning to work with what you have and make considered buying decisions will lead to a new awareness of your true style and a wardrobe perfectly curated to your taste. If you can’t quite give up on experimenting with loads of options, buy second-hand designer goods or bag a bargain at your local thrift store.MBFW style

5. Limiting Special Occasion Wear to a Special Occasion

A special event is coming up and you’ve once again forgotten to plan ahead. You buy new items for the occasion, only to never wear it again. Sound familiar? We tend to limit our more formal pieces by neglecting their potential for versatility. Mixing and matching luxe fabrics and styles with your every day staples can make for a refreshing weekend look.

If you do find yourself stuck for how to re-style your occasion wear, in future, try to invest in pieces that work for a number of events. A slinky slip dress can be casual and chic when layered over turtlenecks or vintage band t-shirts. Come nighttime, lose those layers, add some stilettos and drop earrings and you’re ready to go.Fashion tips to improve style

Feelings stuck when it comes to developing your personal style? Check out our fashion tips for that dilemma too.

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