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Why You Should Be Following a Fashion Blog

Fashion Blogs 

In the time it takes our European, Asian, South American or even African counterparts to hop countries, we’re barely even in the next state. You don’t need to get on a plane to have all the best fashion and style advice at your fingertips. That’s why fashion blogs are so popular. In fact, there are many more reasons why you should be following a fashion blog.

Nicole Warne
Nicole Warne
FashionBlogger Micah Gianneli
Micah Gianneli

Discover the New

Fashion blogs are often about the new. New designs, new styles, new ways of interpreting the old. Whether you’re wildly creative or conservative to the point of only using two base colours, there is a blogger out there putting a new twist on the styles you know and love. If you’re in a rut they can help drag you out of it. We don’t all dress up for a living, but we’re guaranteed to find inspiration from those who do.

Many popular blogs have a lifestyle element instead of just clothing, so as an added bonus, you might pick up some travel tips on the way!

Mimi Elashiry
Mimi Elashiry
Fashion Blogger Sabina Socol
Sabina Socol

Learn How To

D you need to find the perfect outfit for a wedding? Build a new work wardrobe? No matter your question, you’ll be able to find your answer in the blogosphere. Some of the most popular fashion bloggers are known for in depth, step-by-step guides to help you create their look. You’ll find everything from how to dress for your body shape, take care of your investment pieces or even DIY your own distressed denim. Fashion blogs are an online encyclopedia of everything you need to know.

Fashion Blogger Rebecca Judd Loves
Rebecca Judd’s fashion blog advises on everything from hair clips to revamping your denim style

Avoid the Ultimate Fashion Faux Pas

No one likes arriving at a function after planning their outfit for days, only to realise they’re twinning with someone else. Even if we draw inspiration from similar places, wearing the exact same outfit as someone else can make us feel small. So how do you avoid being reduced to option A or B in the “Who Wore It Better” section?

One of the best things about fashion bloggers is that they can help you develop your styling savvy. It’s not just the clothes, after all, but how you put them together that counts. And luckily, it’s absolutely something you can learn. By keeping tabs on the trailblazers that inspire you the most, you’ll find your fashion sense is constantly evolving.

Margaret Zhang
Margaret Zhang
FashionBlogger Jessica Alizzi
Jessica Alizzi

Celebrate Your Diversity

Have you spotted a gorgeous new outfit on the runway that you love, but you’re not sure whether it will look good on you? Although the fashion industry is slowly catching on, we humans are a diverse lot and the reality is, you might not always be able to see yourself reflected in the mainstream media. Luckily, fashion bloggers are taking matters into their own hands.

Maybe you’re a plus-sized babe who is sick to death of magazines that insists you wear only black (c’mon). Perhaps you want to up your hijab game, figure out a colour palette that compliments your skin tone or rock a three-piece suit and a buzz cut instead of heels. There are literally countless bloggers out there providing just the kind of inspiration you’re after.

Micaéla Verrelien
Micaéla Verrelien

Achieve Everyday Glamour

Style isn’t just reserved for big events and special occasions. It’s in the details. It’s just as much the ensemble we pull together for a casual Thursday morning coffee as it is the party dress and heels that we flaunt all over Instagram.

By following bloggers that you admire, you’ll be privy to how they express their style every day. You might even get a sneak peak into their unguarded moments: we’re all human, after all. No one is aiming for perfection – and nor should we – but adding a touch of glamour into your daily life makes even the most mundane rituals that little bit more fun.

Fashion Blogger Harper and Harley
Harper and Harley
Fashion blogger Zanita

The best thing about fashion blogs is that they’re personally created by individuals who want to share with others who are looking for style inspo. No matter who you are or what your style needs, keeping up to date with your favourite bloggers can add a touch of magic into your day.

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