Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Cocktail Revolution 4th Street Fashion Blog in the World

Australian Diversity a Fashion Blog Winner

It’s official. Cocktail Revolution, Australia’s only national street style fashion blog currently ranks at #4 in the list of Top 40 Street Fashion Blogs in the world.  The ranking is determined by algorithms and a panel review of content.

California based marketing group Feedspot ranks New York based The Sartorialist in first place, followed by Belgium’s Style Du Monde at number two. Sydney’s Men in this Town ranks in third place.  Despite the top three street fashion blogs having a head start of  5  to 10 years, Cocktail Revolution is now followed by around 60,000 Australians across all its platforms.

Our fashion forward community participates in choosing the most stylish “look” of the month from photos of people around the country snapped in city streets. Those who top the vote are eligible to model for a top Australian fashion label in editorials known for their kick-ass street fashion photography. The latest national winner is Mariyah Marinos from Adelaide.

Cocktail Revolution is all about “embracing diversity through fashion” and partners with some of Australia’s best known fashion labels to produce editorial features modelled by the winners. They have included Paolo Sebastian, Harvey the Label (Adelaide), Jonté (Perth), Anthea Crawford, Leonard Street, Princess Highway, MJ Bale and Peter Jackson (Melbourne). New York label Tome NYC, by Australian designers Milchele Aboud Lobo and Ramon Martin has also been featured.

Nickitar Omondi, top-voted fashionista for March, modelling Paolo Sebasitan
Top-voted favourite Nickitar Omondi modelling Paolo Sebastian in Adelaide

photos like these are why Cocktail Revolution's been ranked in the top 4 Fashion Blogs in the worldFashion blogs
Grant Fellowes , top-voted, models Peter Jackson, Melbourne

Laura Cortes, top-voted fashionista for April, modelling Anthea Crawford
Top-voted style favourite Laura Cortes models Anthea Crawford, Melbourne

Nixon Solar Photoshoot For Westfield Marion
Nixon Sola, one of Cocktail Revolution’s top-voted favourites, models in a shoot with Westfield Marion

Top voted Favourite Anna Enriques models Harvey the Label in a Cocktail Revolution fashion feature with Cocktail Revolution ranked the top 4 fashion blogs in the world
Anna Enriques, another top-voted favourite in a fashion shoot with Harvey the Label, Adelaide

In this way, Cocktail Revolution partners with Australian fashion and accessories labels in “embracing diversity through fashion”. Apart from having genuine head-turning appeal for the way they present themselves in the street, there are no preferred “types” being scouted by photographers for the street style gallery. People of all genders, ethnicities and body shapes who show a flair for style and fashion, from the quirky to the more conventional, appear in Cocktail Revolution.

Check our current crop of street stylers from around the country here!

All photos in this post are by Dimitra Koriozos.

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