How to Improve Your Style in Three Easy Steps


Small Style Changes Can Make a Huge Difference

Improving your fashion and style choices doesn’t require a pay rise or an entire wardrobe overhaul. Actually, it’s a lot easier than you think.

Here are three key steps that anyone can follow in order to take their style game up a few notches.

Clear Out Your Closet

fashion and style from mbfwaClutter is your enemy. When it comes to decision making of any kind, too much choice can leave you feeling overwhelmed and uninspired. If you’ve been holding on to pieces you haven’t worn in years, clothing that no longer fits or hand-me-downs you feel too guilty to ditch, you’re just holding yourself back.

Be realistic about what you really fit into or feel comfortable wearing, and recycle the rest – don’t risk the bad wardrobe karma that comes with tossing clothing in the trash.

The process of clearing out your closet will help you identify what aspects of fashion and style stand out to you. Which brings us to our next step…

Know Thyself

fashion and style from mbfwaWe’re big believers in the idea that personal style is about so much more than following trends. The most effortlessly stylish people aren’t typically the ones who try every trend out –  they’re the ones confident enough to know what they like and what best expresses their authentic self.

This might not seem like your typical fashion and style advice, but knowing yourself and your taste is the necessary foundation for elevating your style. Not just for one occasion, but for good.

Trying to be every possible version of stylish at once is the (exhausting and expensive) game of the inauthentic influencer. Don’t fall for that trap.

Build A Quality Capsule Wardrobe

fashion and style from vamffThis isn’t a step that involves you going on a major shopping spree during your lunch break. Chances are, your little exercise in decluttering will have highlighted your key wardrobe players. A great wardrobe isn’t an overflowing one.

As you continue your fashion and style journey, pay attention to the quality of the clothing and accessories you acquire. Avoid the quick retail fix and opt for pieces that you’ll be happy to wear time and time again.

Now, don’t you have some spring cleaning to do?


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