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Best Sustainable Gifts for the Festive Season

Sustainable Gifts Guide

Black Friday, Cyber-Monday and the mad pre-Christmas buying spree is on again. Yes, it’s not called the silly season for nothing! While we all want to please family and friends over the festive season, careful gift selection is a must to help stem the tide of unwanted goods going to mounting landfill. From jewellery to summer picnic or beach necessities and beyond, here’s our list for this year’s best festive season buys that will make a smaller imprint on our planet. These are our recommended 10 best sustainable gifts this season

Hemp Socks

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Pictured: Daily Socks 5 Pack Mixed

Everyone should treat their feet to hemp! Hemp is a naturally breathable plant fibre which provides a soft, moisture-wicking and comfortable sock for use in all four seasons. Hemp has added benefits of being thermoregulating, highly durable, naturally antimicrobial and is hypoallergenic. Hemp is also grown without the need for herbicides or pesticides which is great for the health of your feet and the environment. Hemp Clothing Australia socks are available in a selection of multi-packs across four styles including everyday wear, business wear, sports wear, and ”invisible” wear.

On Trend Vegan Bag

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Unique bags that have taken Australia by storm since they launched a few years back, Sans Beast vegan bags brand is doing its utmost to take care of its footprint. Its high end designs hit the sweet spot between timeless and trendy. Hugely popular is the Sans Beast Reader Satchel. Combine with a corridor strap and you have the perfect combo that will also get you a 10% discount. A definite pleaser for friends and loved ones who love to show their cruelty free style and appreciate sustainable gifts. Choose trending strap styles and colour combinations in chestnut+gold, citron+lagoon, or artichoke and Noir.

Sustainable Active Wear

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Do you have that friend who loves their activewear as much as they love their ‘no planet B’ sign? Who loves the comfort of their recycled plastic activewear, but hates the microplastics they shed? Whether they’re headed to yoga, brunch, or a bushwalk they can choose comfort, style AND sustainability with their Hemp bike-shorts from Adelaide eco label Solomon Street. Ethically made pieces showcasing beautiful prints, they are hand-drawn by the founder, Lauren, in her admiration for the beauty of nature. On top of that – if ever the unthinkable should happen, their repair facility will fix small holes that can be fixed with beautiful fruity embroidery.

Hand Made Sustainable Sun Hat

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Photographer: @ficlarkphotography Model: @ellengracebv

Ethical brand Onar hats are handmade from eco friendly Raffia Straw and they are designed to be folded to fit into your bag or suitcase without damaging their fibers or losing form. Amazingly, you can stuff them into your beach bags and they’ll spring back to their original shape. These beautiful staples will compliment your personal style and protect you from the harsh Australian sun. Choose from a variety of designs, sizes and colors, find a matching bag to create a personal statement. Stylish, ethical and sustainable, what’s not to love?! Featured images are of Onar’s popular large Calypso II hat.


Beach Towel Made from Recycled Plastic Waste

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The Summer Chaser offer premium travel-friendly necessities for the outdoor and coastal lifestyle, ethically crafted from recycled plastic waste. On a mission to reduce the impact of plastic waste by making the most out of the resources we already have, The Summer Chaser is turning trash into treasure, promoting better recycling and manufacturing practices, weakening dependence on petroleum, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.

Their eco towels are made from rPETa fabric that uses up to  55% less energy and produces around 55% fewer emissions than virgin polyester.  No wonder their beach towels are incredibly popular, like their best seller Dipping Sun. (see image) The perfect gift for beach lovers who want to be part of reducing our reliance on petroleum!

Sustainable Summer Snood

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Looking for something a little different that’s still ethical, sustainable and got you covered? Australian made swimwear label Es Una ticks all the right boxes, being ECA certified, made out of recycled materials and UPF50+.  Their one-size-fits-all beach hoodie is made from reclaimed ocean plastics and the fits-all-sizes summer snood is made from recycled fishing nets. Step into it or worn draped over shoulders, it makes the perfect affordable gift for someone you know who’d love to look stylish while keeping sun smart.  Perfect for beach, boat or even summer barbeques!

Handmade Sustainable Homeware Wraps & Bags

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Humblee Eco is a small South Australian business focused on providing quality sustainable household products and who make their own range of waxed bags & wraps from hemp and organic cotton. Food stored in these products keeps fresher for longer because they allow food to breathe.  Hemp is one of the most earth friendly crops, requiring less water and chemicals. There are also no chemicals used in the production of the fibres for the cloth. Humblee Eco is thus helping to reduce the need for single use plastics to keep your food fresh.

These amazing little gems can be reused for around 12 months due to their antibacterial qualities. Ideal for wrapping or storing fruit, veggies, cheese, bread, nuts, crackers and sandwiches or simply for covering plates and bowls. Perfect for anyone trying to get rid of plastic in their life – and isn’t that all of us? 

Australian Made Sustainable Table Linen

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For a summery and festive “forever” gift, shop Merri at Home’s table linen range, made from unused fabric saved from landfill. Hand-sewn in Melbourne and individually labelled, each piece is a true one-of-a-kind.

Merri at Home is a hand-picked collection of sustainable Australian made products with functionality at heart. Tablecloths, handmade stools, beeswax candles, apothecary, and greeting cards.  Absolutely everything is made in small batches or made to order to ensure there is no waste. Support small business and the environment with a sustainably made high quality table cloth!

Handcrafted Jewellery

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If, like us you love things that are made slowly to last forever, then you’ll love to see the individual crafting of Melbourne Jeweller Alex Tempany who does just that. Every piece is handcrafted to ensure it has a significant role in the life of its wearer – to mean something special, to be a piece that is trusted to be of the highest quality, that grows in value over time. All pieces are handcrafted slowly in Melbourne, from recycled and locally sourced materials  of uncompromising quality. 

For the person in your life who loves being a little unconventional, the Polly Earrings will delight. Best described as unexpected and handcrafted from scratch,  no two pairs are ever the same.

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