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8 Sustainable Gifts for The Festive Season

Sustainable Gifts for Everyone

It’s that time of year again. Shopping centres are filled with people rushing to buy last minute gifts. Inboxes are filled with suggested gift guides for Christmas presents and shipping cut off dates. No wonder it’s called the silly season! Before rushing out to buy some lotion gift packs for your friends, take a second to look at more sustainable gifts that won’t clog up their cupboards. Take a peek at our gift guide to help you find greener options.

For Those Who Laugh

Sustainable gifts with Who Gives A Crap
Who Gives A Crap

We’ve all been there with that last-minute party invite or the gift that totally slipped your mind. Instead of adding another novelty tee or boring box of chocolates to your cart, think outside the box a little. Toilet paper is something we all need, but not a common gift. So, give your friend a laugh when you turn up with a brightly coloured box of Who Gives A Crap toilet paper! Not only are you giving a useful gift, but Who Gives A Crap is a certified B Corp company that does good things. Fifty per cent of their profits go towards building toilets and providing clean water for millions across the globe. Plus, their toilet paper is made from recycled fibres or bamboo with no chemicals or bleach. Laugh with your friends with a sustainable loo roll!

For Those Who Care

sustanable gifts from Care Australia
CARE Australia

There is always that one friend who asks how you are before you have even uttered a word on the phone. And they genuinely mean it! They take great stock in caring for those in their friendship circle and are often donating to causes close to their heart. Help them along on their altruistic journey by buying them a CAREgifts card. These life-saving cards help lift women and children out of poverty by providing them with money to start a garden or even a bundle of schoolbooks. Your friend is sure to appreciate your helping them to save the world.

For Fashionistas

Sustainable Gifts from Rntr

Ever had that friend who turns up to every event looking like they just stepped off a runway? That’s the fashion-obsessed one. Instead of buying them yet another magazine subscription or silk scarf, let them choose their next outfit in the rental-sphere. Rntr is the go-to place for clothing for that one-off event or when you want to experiment with a new look. For those whose wardrobes are close to bursting, Rntr is a breath of fresh air. Your fashionista friend can tread lighter on the planet while still looking on-trend.

For Those Who Thrift

Sustainable Gifts from Salvos
Salvos Stores

Do you have that one person in your circle of friends who is always showing you their latest op shop find? Then help them along on their thrifty journey with a gift card to the op shop of their choice. For a more personal option, write an ‘I will go thrifting with you’ card. Promise your friend that their next thrifting trip is on you and spend the day together hitting all the best op shops in your town. Better yet, make it an op-shopping road trip and invite the whole group along. Sometimes the best gift is making happy memories together.

For Those into Skincare

Sustainable Gifts via the Purity Project
The Purity Project

The local skincare booth in the mall may make your head swim, but your skin obsessed friend has it all figured out. Their cabinets are filled with the latest potions for twelve-step routines that leave you confused. Help them simplify with the gift of a mindful skincare routine from The Purity Project. With facial oils full of lush organic ingredients, The Purity Project is getting back to basics with its minimalist skincare range. Send one of their relaxing gift boxes to your friend’s door to help them keep calm during the silly season. 

For Rev Heads

Sustainable fashion gifts
Hey Reflect’o

Screeching wheels and flashes of neon always announce the arrival of your bike-loving friend. The only way they get around is on two wheels and with pedal power. Help them stay safe on the roads with some vibrant vests from Adelaide based brand, Hey Reflect’o. Made ethically in South Australia, these vests are for the fashion-conscious who want to be seen on the road. 

For Eco-Lovers

Sustainable Packaging
Singe Use Ain’t Sexy

While COVID has taught us proper handwashing techniques, we are all a little sick of bar soaps. So, help your friends keep clean and make handwashing enjoyable with some sneaky foaming fun. Single Use Ain’t Sexy is bring some cheeky vibes back to our sinks. Their fun foaming wash is fuelled by tablets dropped into water instead of ugly plastic bottles. It’s the perfect gift for your eco-conscious friend. 

For Those With Wanderlust

Eco-Tourism - a perfect sustainable gift
Eco Tourism Australia

Many of us are itching to get back on the road and explore the great unknown as our borders reopen. But instead of jetting out to the nearest hotel, help your friends find some eco-friendly places to stay instead. Eco Tourism Australia’s Green Travel Guide is packed full of planet-friendly places to stay and explore. From Roaring 40’s kayaking in Tasmania to a slow wilderness retreat in the Northern Territory, there is something for every exploring style. Seek out your friends travel plans and surprise them with a night stay at a local eco-lodge. Your generous gift will be the talk of their tour.  

Don’t forget we’re running a fabulous giveaway on Instagram where you could win your own festive season sustainable gift of a fabulous cork bag from Kobi Collection that helps reduce carbon emissions!

Featured Image: by Louis Hazel, a sustainable and ethical Fashion Label from Melbourne.

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