5 Fashion Accessories You Should Invest Your Money In


Womens Fashion Starts with the Right Accessories

A big part of making a statement with womens fashion begins with accessories. Think hosiery, jewellery, shoes, bags and eyewear. Women’s fashion and style doyenne Iris Apfel sums it up best. It’s all in the accessories!

Investing doesn’t mean giving up avo toast and bumming it in sweats and PJs, so don’t worry. It just means being smart about your purchases. Who wants to spend  hundreds of hard-earned on floral dresses or basic frocks?! It’s all about starting small.

Shooting Hoops

Hoop Earings are currently an indispensable womens fashion accessory

Images – L:  @natalylorenzo    R: @maximilianehansen

Nope, we’re not talking basketball, we’re talking about the ones that hang off your earlobes. Jewellery is the secret weapon that finishes all outfits. Women’s fashion is just incomplete without it. Top of the ‘must-haves’ list is a pair of delicate, simple hoops. These are worth your investment because they’re timeless and can elevate any outfit. Gold or silver, that’s more a matter for your personal preference than the latest womens fashion trends.

Every Woman Needs Her…

Phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Keep cup? Check. Diary? Check. Lipstick? Check. The list goes on. What we all need is a handbag that fits all our things. And it’s got to look good doing it. Our busy lives call for the perfect accompaniment. With a bag you’ll be using every day, it’s best to invest in quality materials that won’t wear out and also has thoughtful details. An extra zip or pocket goes a long way. Adjustable straps or bags with multiple ways of wearing provide a bonus bang for your buck. Look for a simple, black or tan handbag that will easily complement various womens fashion styles.

No Shade

Shady Ladies - sunglasses are an indispensible womens fashion accessory

Images – L: @mystyleperspective     R: @karabellle

Here are three reasons why a good pair of sunglasses is needed. One, UV protection. Two, so the Aussie sun doesn’t blind you. Three, you’ll look cool. Sunglasses trends come and go but classic frames such as Wayfarers, Aviators and round styles stick around a bit longer. And it’s not just about womens fashion, it’s about sun protection. Which means you can splurge a little more guilt-free.

Boot Up

Once only for winter, boots are durable fashionable and stylish for all seasons

Images- L: @kristywho    R: @shaniakufner_

With winter around the corner, a pair of black leather boots will have you eagerly braving the cold to show-off your new kicks. These are an essential item in women’s fashion. Transcending the seasons, black boots pair perfectly with black skinny jeans, a satin midi skirt or a mini skirt and tights. As a staple in your shoedrobe, comfort and quality is key. Be choosy with the height of the heel and the shape of the fit.

 Walking on a Tight Rope

Women's fashion essentials -Tights!

Images  L: @carissawalford    R: @itscocolouise

Ask the average woman how many tights she has gone through and you’ll probably be met with nervous laughter and the avoidance of eye contact. How does one maintain a pair of tights without runs, tears, rips or holes? Like any piece of womens fashion, the answer is investing in quality goods. One pair of durable tights is all that’s needed, meaning less waste for the planet and fewer visits to the shops. And not one pesky hole in sight.


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