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Why Crochet Tops Are on Trend

Crochet Tops are Here to Stay

Crochet is not just something that lives on your great grandmother’s teapot. It’s a trend in the fashion industry that’s absolutely entrenched itself for the long term. From the very top of the luxury fashion world at Prada, all the way down to DIY homemade projects, crochet tops and everything else are becoming more popular than ever. So why is this?

Renewed Interest in Craftwork

Some say that two years of isolated living has turned a section of the population into crafty geniuses, as people have been forced to find new ways of entertainment. TikTok’s ever growing popularity could also have something to do with it, offering as it does a platform for creative geniuses to share their work.


And if you’re on TikTok, it was impossible to miss the Harry Styles patchwork cardigan. Colourful and inspiring, THAT cardigan by British designer JW Anderson took hold of both Harry Styles and crochet fans, and so the #HarryStylesCardigan challenge was born. 

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Celebrity Influence

It’s not just Harry. Everyone from Bella Hadid and actress Vanessa Hugdens to American rap artist Saweetie and almost everyone in between has been seen rocking crochet tops and matching pairs, whether they be pants, shorts or skirts. Trends usually start at the top and once celebrity icons are spotted rocking a look, it’s bound to stick.

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Coachella Crochet

Now Coachella crochet is a thing with everyone, celebrities included, decking themselves out in bikini top or crop top crochet.

Who could have predicted that bikini crochet tops paired with western style cowboy boots or converse would be so captivating? But when quirky becomes cool, it’s bound to become mainstream.

When did Crochet Morph from Tea Cosies to Clothes?

Crochet bikinis hit their stride in the 1970s with an explosion in popularity after former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy was spotted in one on the isle of Capri. Fading as a staple wardrobe piece after that time, crochet clothing began to see an uptake again when the likes of Stella McCartney and Tommy Hilfiger put them on the runway as far back as 2015. Now crochet is everywhere, including a range of accessories by Prada. Not only that, the European summer of 2022 is showing that crochet bikinis are at peak popularity. High profile celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Sydney Sweeney have sported their own unique twists on the 70s style, making the crochet bikini an absolute summer must have.

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DIY Crochet Tops

If you’re into DIY, then making crochet tops for yourself makes heaps of sense. If it’s good enough for Katy Perry, and Aretha Franklin in her day, its good enough to give it a go! There’s a range of yarns to choose from and if like us, you prefer sustainable yarns, choose from silk, wool, upcycled cotton or Tencel. For an informed choice, check out our Guide to Sustainable Fabrics first!

Local Labels

If DIY is not your thing, check out a few Aussie labels, like Fiola Rose Swim who do a crochet bikini with a choice of top. Or, you might like to try local label Astor and Anne. Not only do they hand make crochet tops and bikinis but they rework and will custom make for you too!

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. If there’s only one thing you add to your wardrobe this year, make sure it’s of the crochet variety.

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