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Sustainable Weight Loss: The Healthy Dieting Trend of 2024

Weight Loss Programs That Work

Dieting and weight loss programs have been hotly debated and discussed for decades, and a multitude of solutions have popped up to help people trim down. Countless diets promise rapid results but are often focused on rigid restriction and obsessive calorie counting. More and more people are becoming aware of the harm these diets can cause; they can deprive the body of essential nutrients and lead to negative behaviours and mindsets—taking the joy out of eating. 

Now, a cultural shift is taking focus away from unhealthy diets. Food futurologist Dr Morgane Gaye writes that increasing emphasis on health and well-being is shaping dietary trends in 2024. Sustainable weight loss is becoming a more widely accepted. Instead of depriving yourself of things you enjoy, it allows for more freedom and flexibility with food choices while promoting other essential health habits that can be sustained long-term. 

Holistic Weight Loss Programs

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Previously weight loss programs have focused on restricting your food choices, but doing so often yielded rapid yet unsustainable results and harmful mindsets. Losing weight now encompasses physical activity, sleep habits, stress management, and more healthy habits outside of diet alone—so restriction is no longer the only option. Making the weight loss journey more personalised, instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, can make it more sustainable and healthy. This way, you can still enjoy your favourite foods without feeling guilty.

WeightWatchers, one of the top weight loss programs Australia has to offer, show people how to adopt a holistic approach to healthy living and improve overall well-being. This top-ranking diet for 13 years in a row, is used to shed kilograms but also emphasises the importance of tailoring your nutrition, movement, stress, sleep, medication, and more to your unique lifestyle, needs, and health condition. You don’t need to start off with a rigid regimen, either. WeightWatchers’ Head of Nutrition and Wellness, Jackie London, notes that even simply taking a few trips up the stairs is better than being completely sedentary. Focusing on gradual and sustainable changes that can be maintained long-term and celebrating small victories can make dieting more achievable and enjoyable.

Mind-body Connection

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Much of dieting and weight loss programs are concentrated on the physical and external aspects, but too much focus on the numbers on the measuring tape or scale can lead to negative attitudes about food and eating. The role of mindset in dieting and weight loss is becoming increasingly emphasised in 2024 to push back against the feelings of rigidity, guilt, and failure many often experience. Rather than fixating on what’s on the plate, eating mindfully can help support a healthy mind-body connection that can make food and eating more enjoyable. 

Psychologists Gia Marson and Danielle Keenan-Miller recommend using your senses to note down your food’s taste, texture, and smell to help you savour the moment and make it easier to listen to your body’s cues and your feelings. Focusing on the sensations and how the food makes you feel can help with making healthy choices or enjoying your food, rather than being motivated by negative mindsets and behaviours that can push you to less healthy habits without much thought.

Plant-based Eating

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Veganism and vegetarianism aren’t new ways of eating, but they have been gaining more attention as healthy dieting is hitting the mainstream. Plant-based diets have been known to show great results in weight loss programs, but more and more people are drawn to them for their environmental and ethical benefits. Diets like the Mediterranean diet have become popular because they focus on the nutritious cuisine and eating habits of Mediterranean countries. Reducing processed foods and sugary drinks in favour of nutrient-dense whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein can help boost health and shed kilograms without restriction. 

Plant-based eating also doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a vegetarian or going vegan. Embracing plant-based or “plant-forward” eating incorporates more plant-based meals and snacks while still allowing flexibility for some meat or fish. Visiting a dining spot specialising in plant-based foods can be a good introduction to making and eating exciting dishes that aren’t just salads. Check out our list of the top ten vegan cafes in Adelaide to find your new favourite vegan food joint!

Featured Image: Tony Koraza, Unsplash

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