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Top Podcasts on Sustainable Fashion

Tuning in to Sustainable Fashion

Finally, the discussion around sustainable fashion is on everyone’s lips and it’s one we can’t afford to ignore. If you’re interested in a much deeper understanding of the impact of fast fashion and how to move towards more sustainable choices, as well as the ethics surrounding all aspects of the industry, then these podcasts are the perfect starting point.

Our resident sustainability guru Jenna Flood, The Slow Fashion Stylist, aka The Ironic Minimalist, has updated our original list of the Top 5 Podcasts on Sustainable Fashion, to more than double that number. Here’s her updated list of the best of them for informing us all. If you’re already following the original list, here are 6 more podcasts about sustainable fashion that you’re going to want to tune into! We start with the newest….

Dressed: The History of Fashion

Sustainable Fashion Podcasts: Dressed

We all get dressed every day, so it’s important we understand the social and cultural histories behind the garments we wear. Dressed podcast hosts, Cassidy Zachary and April Calahan, are exploring these very interesting histories by interviewing experts and dissecting different points of views about the clothing we put on our bodies. A must listen for the history and fashion buffs.


  Sustainable Fashion Podcast Join Veronica Milsom as she unravels the why behind what we buy. Veronica explores the fast fashion industry and unravels the marketing, merchandising, and greenwashing tricks designed to keep our wardrobe bursting. Along the way she discovers her own shopping habits and how she can slow down her own wardrobe. An easy listen for those just starting out their slow fashion journey.

Green Girls

Green Girls Podcast 
Cover Creating a sustainable lifestyle isn’t without its struggles! What can be recycled? How do I reduce my food waste? Join Chloe and Mikaela as they share their high’s and low’s on their sustainable living paths. Learn what to look for to avoid fast fashion, how to avoid plastic is your household and what a menstrual cup is! Green Girls tackle all these topics and more in easy to action ways to get you started on your green journey.

Style Stories with Madeleine Park

Sustainable fashion podcast

Stylist, Madeline Park, is keen to seek out the style stories of her fellow creatives. She believes that these Style Stories have shaped their personalities and continue to map out their futures. Learn how fashion and future intertwine with Madeline and her guests. Get inspired to hear for successful authors, creatives and media personalities about how their wardrobes have shaped them.

Hey Twoobs

Sustainable FashionCan fashion save the planet? Join sisters and TWOOBS founders Jess & Steff Dadon as they look at how the future of fashion is closely intertwined with the future of out planet. Chat all things fashion with Jess & Steff and their special guests. A great podcast with deep dives into what we are all thinking.

Seam Change

Sustainable Fashion Not all fashion gets gets to be loved. There is a lot of textile waste heading to landfill or op shops in Australia. But how can we prevent these still usable garments heading to landfill? Join Julia English as she deep dives into learning about the local fashion businesses who are collaborating with other brands and designers and how they are turing this ‘waste’ into something new. The perfect podcast for those who want to learn about sustainable home grown brands.

Conscious Chatter

Kestrel Jenkins

Kestrel Jenkins has been raising awareness about ethical fashion for over a decade – making her the perfect host for a podcast ultimately dedicated to the ways in which we can spark positive change. Jenkins believes you don’t have to sacrifice your values in order to stay stylish, and we couldn’t agree more.

Fashion Unzipped

Sustainable Fashion Podcast

Covering more than just sustainable fashion, the Fashion Unzipped podcast tackles some of the biggest issues facing the industry as a whole today. From fashion news to how the Me Too movement has influenced red carpet style, this podcast has plenty of insight to offer.

Wardrobe Crisis with Clare Press

Clare Press podcast

Claire Press is VOGUE’s sustainability editor and a major threat to the unethical fashion industry. In her podcast, Press and her guests delve into the effects of fast fashion on people and the planet as a whole.

Wear Your Values

First Nations Fashion Design

Appropriate and entertaining for both the sustainable fashion veteran or someone just beginning to learn about the topic, Wear Your Values is a 5 part podcast series highlighting multiple aspects of clothing production and consumption. You’ll hear about all the effort that goes into building a sustainable label and the polluting journey of the clothes we wear.

Fashion No Filter

sustainable fashion podcast fashion unfiitered

Fashion journalists Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley host this entertaining yet informative podcast. For those who want an expansive look into how the fashion industry operates, Fashion no Filter is for you.

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