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The Big Business of Dressing Like a Little Girl

Teagan Jacobs

Teagan Jacobs, a Perth-based fashion designer with an eponymous label redefines elegance through whimsical designs and ethical craftsmanship.

With the rise in popularity of ‘ballet core’ and a general shift towards a slower, more considered approach to fashion, these days we’re all on the hunt for stylish staples that will last all season.

First Nations Fashion Design

In a mesmerising ballet of fabrics and boundless imagination, Teagan Jacobs is emerging as Perth’s ‘it girl’, orchestrating a symphony of whimsical elegance for the hopeless romantics, bow addicts and downtown croquettes.

Designing for the artist and the daydreamer, the ultra-feminine and the especially whimsical, Jacobs transcends the ordinary. She’s more in the realm of grand artistry.

First Nations Fashion Design

Her personal style serves as the guiding force – an embodiment of a feminine ballet-core. The result is a brand that turns the whimsical charm of dressing like a little girl into a statement.

Elevating bespoke fashion to an art form, Jacobs meticulously crafts each garment to order, avoiding pre-made items to minimize fabric waste. Every piece, from the inception of the design to pattern making, cutting, and sewing, bears the imprint of Teagan’s hands, meticulously at work in her Perth studio. Her ethical, small-scale, slow fashion is a conscious choice to prioritise craftsmanship and sustainability.

First Nations Fashion Design

The bow is at the heart of the brand, defining it as a boldly feminine label that harks back to the timeless spirit of girlhood.

Teagan Jacobs has been described as Australia’s answer to New York’s feminine fashion label Sandy Liang, offering a distinct, slow fashion alternative that reaches out to those with ultra-feminine instincts.

Image credits: Teagan Jacobs on Instagram –Teagan Jacobs.

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