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Why Princess Diana’s Style Endures

Style Icon Princess Diana

There is no better style icon than Princess Diana. Her bold fashion choices are still seen on the street today. Her style inspires designers such as Tory Burch and Virgil Abloh. Even Hailey Bieber’s recent Vogue shoot invokes Princess Diana’s style. So, how come, many years after her passing, her style is so enduring?

Hailey Bieber in the style of Princess Diana

…because it spoke volumes and was relevant

As a royal princess and following her divorce, Princess Diana always communicated through her outfits. Her early Sloane Ranger looks were pretty pastels with lots of ruffles. As she grew into her role as a Princess and fashion icon, she opted for colourful, bold choices. During her difficult years her style embraced darker blazers and sheath dresses. In her post Royal life Princess Diana blinded everyone with short dresses and those iconic bike shorts. Her no-nonsense button-up shirts reflected her passion for humanitarian issues.

First Nations Fashion Design

…because it’s easy to pull off

In an age where comfort is key and sweatpants are no longer homebound, we are seeking realistic style icons to look up to. Princess Diana’s ease of putting together her off duty outfits that are not only stylish, but also easy to replicate is key. Many of her looks can easily be pulled from our parents’ wardrobes or the racks at an op shop. No Gucci purchase required, unless you want to buy Diana’s favourite Gucci bag

Princess Diana in cowboy boots
Photo: Daily Mirror/Mirrorpix/Getty Images

Almost a generation after her death, Princess Diana’s style features heavily on Tik Tok. With 1.4 billion views, the hashtag #princessdiana captures everything from how to style her iconic hair-do to remaking her revenge dress. One Tik Tok-er has even gathered together an entire wardrobe filled with replica Princess Di sweaters. 

Princess Diana in her black sleeveless "Revenge Dress"

Nostalgia also plays a huge part in revamping Princess Diana’s fashion nowadays. We seek comfort from the days of old as it’s familiar to us.  

…because her lay-back style was ahead of it’s time

Could there be anything cooler than pairing jeans with a blazer, sweatshirt and cowboy boots? Princess Diana’s effortless styling made this look iconic.   

Princess Diana  Australia in Gym gear
Photo: Anwar Hussein/WireImage

Another iconic look for Princess Di, is a pullover sweater paired with bike shorts and chunky sneakers. Rocking this look long before Athleisure wear came on the scene, Princess Diana was the ultimate trendsetter. 

…because she rocked a blazer

Princess Diana in Casual Chic daywear
Photo: Tom Wargacki/WireImage

There are many more iconic Princess Diana style moments to acknowledge. Princess Diana is still remembered by royal fans and Generation Z alike, for bucking protocol. Wearing form fitting dresses and bare shoulders were a royal no-no, but Princess Diana did them anyway.  Speaking candidly about mental health issues and eating disorders, her ‘humanity ’made her highly relatable.

Whether you view Princess Diana as a rule breaker or a style icon, it’s clear that her outfits and style will continue to inspire the fashion world.

Featured Image: Rex Features

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