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How to Dress Up Your Sweatpants

Styling Loungewear to Suit Your Day

With three States in lockdown (and two looking to get their lockdowns lifted shortly), everyone’s feeling way more comfy in sweats. Whether you call them sweat pants, loungewear or tracksuits, they’re something we’ve all been living in for the last year and a half. But sometimes there are errands to run and crumpled sweats aren’t a good look. Elevate your loungewear for more than a supermarket run with these sustainable style tips and a quick how-to, thanks to the Ironic Minimalist and eco-stylist Jenna Flood.

Matchy Matchy

2020’s big trend that’s still going strong today is wearing a sweater and tracksuit bottom in matching hues. Adding some colour brings joy to our long-locked down days. Keep the slippers for the couch and throw on some white sneakers for the supermarket. Complete the look with a long trench and a bum bag for added style. 

Dress Like a Princess

Princess Diana in Loungewear/Sweatpants
Image: Trinity Mirror / Mirrorpix / Alamy Stock Photo

Princess Diana was the queen of casual cool. Often seen rocking a sweatshirt with bike shorts and caps or sweatpants with cowboy boots and structured blazers. Take a leaf out of her book and bring back some 80’s cool for your next lockdown walk. 

Don’t Be Shy

As we are all currently wearing masks in Australia, why not let your loungewear do the talking? Embrace a loud print or say what you really feel with a graphic sweatshirt. A graphic tee paired with sweatpants, white sneakers and a blazer will tell others exactly how you feel.

Luxury Loungewear

Loungewear by Bassike

Loungewear doesn’t have to be all about scrunchy elastic waists and stained sweatpants. Add a touch of class with some quality separates instead. Organic cotton fabrics and fine knit sweaters bring luxury to your loungewear drawer. Add some structure by teaming them with blazers or wide-leg jeans for life after lockdown.


When you’re working for home, the dreaded Zoom call is all about dressing up the top and keeping it comfortable on the bottom. Pair your stretch pants with a simple blouse or shirt for business on top. Adding earrings and a dash of lipstick will bring the illusion you are dressed for the 9 to 5. Just don’t stand up!

Loungewear Labels to Like

Looking for some Aussie planet friendly sweats? Remember to check out A.BCH, Bais, Bassike, Lois Hazel, Uniek and Vege Threads.


No need to dress-up? If it’s activewear you’re looking for, here are our recommendations for Sustainable Aussie Activewear.

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