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New Talent Shines on the Runway

Meet Indigenous Model
Calli-Rose Woods

Indigenous creatives have shaken up the Australian fashion world, not least amongst them Indigenous model Calli-Rose Woods. Calli-Rose made her Australian Fashion Week debut modelling for the very talented Jordan Gogos. A state finalist in Miss World Australia, it looks like Calli-Rose is only just hitting her stride.

What was your favourite moment during AFW?
There are definitely too many moments to choose from, but I did really enjoy getting to see everyone all dressed up in all different designs and aesthetics that matched the individual. 

Who are the designers you’d be walking for in your dream career?  
There’s a few that I’ve had a dream of walking for such as Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana, Armani. Those are the main ones outside of Australia I have such a big interest in, but closer to home I would love to get the opportunity to walk for designer such as Yapa Mali, Paul McCann and LORE. 

Indigenous Model Calli-Rose Woods

How do your personal passions influence your work and approach to modelling?
They influence me in such a weird yet motivated way. One of my main personal passions is about indigenous youth and the lack of activities in communities for them. So this influences me in wanting to show the youth of our communities other opportunities that are out there in the fashion industry for us, whether it’s being the model, the photographer behind the photos, behind-the-scenes staff who create such magical sets, or better yet the designer who’s art work is being showcased.

We are worth fashion no matter how off the grid our community is! And we’re worth more than we’re given. Once everyone loves themselves a little more, we can love each other better and hopefully with the right steps into fashion, with make-up and confidence building workshops, that could be a way of building self esteem and shaping their positive view of themselves and each other. 

Indigenous Model

As an Indigenous model in fashion, who are your own role models and how have they shaped your journey?
My biggest role model regarding modelling is “ Yasmeen Ghauri” I’ve always been been drawn to her particularly because of her walk on stage.

In the fashion industry a role model of mine is my sister, Buffie Corunna. When I was younger I saw her progress from making jewellery into making designs for furniture and later, clothing. Karla Hart productions actually introduced me to my first catwalk in Perth when she ran the Native Threads Catwalk in 2023. That consisted of all indigenous designers here in Perth at the Convention Centre and it’s only been up from there for me. So all in all I’ve been lucky enough to have some great role models to look up to and who have paved the way for me to walk it a little easier.

How would you like to influence the industry?
I’d love to have a leadership value and a people empowering impact on Blaklist as a Next Gen Model, to make it easier for others who choose the pathway of fashion. As an Indigenous model, I would love to be someone who is there for youth who are up and coming, whether it’s just being a strong part of their support system, helping them the best I can with their questions and pointing them in the correct direction to success. 

Indigenous Model

You have been part of the Blaklist Modelling Program for Indigenous models. How it has impacted your modelling? 
My experience has been joyful. I’m learning so much about myself and all attributes important to becoming a model as well. I’ve enjoyed every bit so far it’s lifted my self-esteem. It’s helping me build myself into a better leader for my people and it’s been opening doorways I never thought could open for me.

My favourite part has been being able to meet and make friends with other young and upcoming models where we’ve built a great support system for ourselves. But another high from the program for me is getting to do all these different workshops and information sessions with all these brands and businesses. 

Follow Calli-Rose on Instagram at @callirose.woods
Featured Image by Ryan Ammon, Calli-Rose modelling Dziva Collection
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Calli-Rose was interviewed by Rosaria Rita Daniel

Rosaria Rita Daniel

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