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Want to Become a Content Creator?

Meet A Content Creator Who’s Working the Dream

Rosaria Rita Daniel is carving out a career as a content creator based in Adelaide. Contributing to COCKTAIL REVOLUTION, Rosaria has also been named in the The Tiser’s “30 under 30 South Australian Influencers turning likes into jobs”. We asked Rosaria to tell us more about the how and why of working as a content creator.

What got you started as a content creator?
Funny enough, I saw all of these influencers getting gifted products. I didn’t necessarily want to be an influencer, but I was happy to get dressed up and take pictures in exchange for gifted products. From that, I started to really enjoy creating content – the dressing up and taking the photos, even connecting with other creators on social media.

Rosaria Rita Daniel

What inspired you to pursue a career in the creative field?
My beautiful parents have been telling me for the longest time “if you do what you love for a job, it will never feel like work.” Content creation became something I am so passionate about. Working as a freelance creator, I learned so much about the industry and worked in a few content creator/social media jobs before launching my agency to pursue it further in a niche I was more passionate about.

What motivated you to start your own agency, RRD Creative Content?
I saw a gap in the industry. A lot of small-medium businesses can’t always invest in a full service marketing team or constantly be hiring photographers and models for large scale photoshoots just for content they could use on their social media on an ongoing basis to remain consistent without compromising the quality or image of their brand.

I started RRD Creative Content with the intention to create high-quality aesthetic content backed by a social media strategy to ensure that brands could have access to content they could post consistently, that aligns with their branding, and remains relevant and trendy.

Content Creator Rosaria Rita Daniel

What are some of the challenges you faced when launching your own content creator agency and how did you overcome them?
Well, the creative industry is a heavily gate-kept industry. No one tells you what to charge or what services include what. I felt weird asking for help because I would be asking someone who is seen as a ‘competitor’, so there was a lot of grey area in the beginning as I was figuring out all the business side to the services I offered.

How do you see your agency contributing to the growth and support of local small businesses?
Something I am extremely passionate about in social media is the connection to people. Networking, organic engagement, and so on. My priority is building communities, connecting with people that actually will actually love and support the brand. We are also really lucky being in Adelaide because we have a strong attitude to support small businesses and to shop local.

First Nations Fashion Design

Who are some of the content creators, designers, or stylists that have significantly influenced your work?
I draw a lot of inspiration from old magazines and pinterest. My aesthetic in my work is quite different from my personal style too so it is really contrasted between the luxury style content and something a bit more funky and fun.

People who have influenced and inspired my work in all types of ways include Molly King, Brooke Upton, Dominikzky, Schiaparelli and Eliza Mae.

How do you see the future of the local creative industry?
I can tell you what I hope for it to be. I hope that South Australia provides more job opportunities for creatives to stay in South Australia. We lose too many artists, designers, influencers and more to places like Melbourne and Sydney because they have what South Australia is lacking – support for this industry!

First Nations Fashion Design

How do you balance the demands of being a content creator with your personal life?
It definitely feels like I am living a double life with two personalities! While running a business takes up 100% of my mind 24/7, I also work as a youth worker a few times a week, balance family and friends and still need time to sleep. To be completely honest, there isn’t much balance, but because I am doing what I love and I am surrounded by such supportive people, I am having so much fun!

What advice would you give to others looking to become content creators?
Start at the bottom and work your way up. You learn the most that way. Build a portfolio of work that you’re proud of, work for free in exchange for experience, intern, practice, network and connect with people. All of this will help you, but your best friend in this industry is pure work ethics and determination.

Rosaria Rita Daniel

Follow Rosaria on Instagram at: @rosaria.rita.daniel or find her agency at: @rrd.creativecontent

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