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Introducing dref_by_d: Where Quality Meets Style


For anyone searching for high quality and thoughtful design, you’ll find it in Australian fashion label dref_by_d. Designer Tania Hanna draws on her unparalleled 30 years fashion experience to offer fashion that is both luxurious and of timeless appeal. Thoughtfully designed with care and inclusivity in mind, dref_by_d is a brand that caters to women of different body shapes and skin colours.

First Nations Fashion Design

Like a number of other Australian fashion brands, it’s continuing to improve its sustainability rating. Its clothing is made in China, but unlike many labels, Hanna has worked with her manufacturers over decades and has built a trusting and reliable relationship based on the need for ethical production and an evolution towards sustainability. “Ensuring ethical working conditions across all aspects of our business is a top priority.” Each garment is meticulously crafted to ensure quality, durability and longevity.

“Ensuring ethical working conditions across all aspects of our business is a top priority.”

– Tania Hanna, Founder, dref_by_d

Blending contemporary aesthetics with timeless elegance, dref_by_d designs include chic dresses that effortlessly transition from day to night and versatile separates that can be mixed and matched for any occasion. Dref_by_d’s designs embrace the essence of modern femininity.

“We never want to compromise… when it comes to designing” says Hanna, “dref_by_d is quality without compromise.”

First Nations Fashion Design

It’s upcoming Spring/Summer ’23 collection once again leaves a lasting impression, not least because of its greater sustainability. It beautifully captures the brand’s essence, blending timeless silhouettes with distinctive dref_by_d features. Embracing sustainability, every piece is derived from natural-materials. Natural hues are punctuated by tasteful pops of colour with its exceptional knitwear quality, masterfully crafted with breathability in mind. The signature grosgrain detail is thoughtfully woven throughout the range with standout pieces featuring voluminous sleeves and lightweight fabrics.

“dref_by_d is quality without compromise”

-Tanya Hanna

Key elements of the brand’s commitment to sustainability are its ethical sourcing policy and use of tools such as the Better Cotton Initiative which traces supply chains to ensure transparency. “We uphold industry certifications and our Code of Conduct to ensure that our standards are met.”

First Nations Fashion Design

Just in time for the launch of its highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2023 collection, dref_by_d has announced it is partnering with Sydney’s own, Garland & Garland Fashion Agency.Phoebes Garland, co-founder of leading Sydney Fashion Agency, Garland & Garland Fashion shared her excitement about this new partnership.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Tania and dref_by_d…The tide has turned on fast fashion and the customer wants better quality, better fabrics, sustainability, and longevity in their pieces. We always maintain it’s not about price, but value for money in the eye of the consumer. “

First Nations Fashion Design

dref_by_d is a boutique fashion label owned by DZYNA, which specialises in garment development and production for new and established brands. Alongside dref_by_d, DZYNA has developed its technology-focused streetwear brand, Urban Tech, and is in a constant move to create more innovative brands in the future.

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