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How to Dress in Between Seasons

Fashion & Style Planning for Unpredictable Weather

We hate to sound like your mum, but we’re about to sound like your mum. Aussie weather is unpredictable at its best. Four seasons in one day? That’s the average Melburnian’s Tuesday. Sydney’s not faring much better except that they’re having four seasons in one week. Same for our other capitals. To help you  navigate these baffling seasonal changes,  we’ve put together a 5 point guide to trans-seasonal fashion style.

1. Let Your Pants Do the Talking

Pants are the perfect garment for trans-seasonal weather
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Statement trousers are one fashion style that’s currently making the rounds. A cool pair of pants can carry any outfit. Oversized baggy jeans? Checked cigarette pants? Bright stripes or culottes? Pair them with a simple tee and chunky sneakers and you’re set. Like your mother would say, don’t forget to bring a jacket.

2. Rain, Rain, Go away

Coloured raincoats are functional fashion & style pieces for trans-seasonal weatherwork well
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Or don’t, ‘cos we’re feeling cute in our rain jacket. Vinyl jackets (also known as PVC jackets) may seem like a step out of your usual fashion and style comfort zone, but they’re not as hard to style as you think. They make for the perfect trans-seasonal piece because they’re light, spacious to fit over other layers and will protect you from any unforseen rain.

3. Layer Up

layering is an essential trans-seasonal style
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Humans are like onions, we have layers. Or, so Shrek tells us. Turtlenecks and mock neck tops are about to become your best friend. They’ll allow you to pull out your favourite spaghetti-strapped dress or pinafore, whatever your fashion style and reinvigorate it in the cooler months. The added texture and colour will also add another dimension to your ensemble, along with keeping you warmer. Try a mesh long sleeve under a patterned frock.

4. Stocking Filler

stockings are another must have item for trans-seasonal dressing
L: @jacquiealexander  C:  @olympiavalance R: @bambilegit

No need to wait for Santa when it comes to stockings. For a subtle, sexy look, don a pair of sheer tights under a dress, skirt, or even a pair of shorts. Or, layer them underneath a pair of jeans and let the top peak through. Want an added ‘oomph’ to your fashion style? Spotted tights create a simple statement. They’ll keep your legs toastier. Loaded with bonus points, this fashion & style statement also provides the perfect excuse for not having to shave your legs!

5. Trail Blazer

Blazers and jackets are important pieces for trans-seasonal fashion & style
L: @wewhowanderco C: @maximilianehansen R: @ximenamoral

Finding the perfect trans-seasonal jacket can be tedious. It’s got to tick several boxes. First, it needs to provide warmth (but not too much) and be easy to carry around. And of course you’ve got to look good as well as being practical.  Denim jackets and bomber jackets are high on our list. But today we’re highlighting blazers. Long-line and oversized blazers make for the perfect trans-seasonal fashion and style essential. They instantly turn up the boss lady vibes and make a great pairing with flirty, floral dresses or a good pair of jeans.




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