How Insta-Fashion Is Changing The Way We Shop!


The Changing Game of Womens Fashion

Scroll down, swipe to see more, double tap to like. This little photo sharing app called Instagram has changed the way we go about our lives. We snap our morning coffee, comment on strangers’ posts and our own womens fashion style has evolved with global inspiration literally at our fingertips. It’s opened our eyes to diverse and individual styles, introduced us to a plethora of online stores and trends now play out in real time.

Glossy Pages, Glossy Screen

Gone are the days where womens fashion inspiration only came out of the gleaming spreads of luxe magazines. No longer is it about only impossibly tall six-foot models dressed in high-end designer goods. It’s now about the girl next door, almost every door, across the globe. There’s a celebration and diversification of gender, age, ethnicity and body shapes across the online platform. There’s such a range of womens fashion and styling on Instagram that it’s the equivalent of having womens fashion inspiration on tap. Everyone’s inspired to have a go at reinventing or uplifting their style.

Shop ‘til You Online Drop

Shopping? From the comfort of your bed and a cuppa tea? Welcome to the 21st century! Shopping for womens fashion has never been easier. Instagram has made the dream of owning womens fashion stores a reality for so many. Hidden gems to keep an eye out for are the Insta accounts selling stellar vintage goods or upcycled thrifted finds. You’ll nab yourself some one-off jewels and be supporting small business at the same time.

Can I Try This On?

The set-back of receiving an online women’s fashion order and finding out that the cut, quality or colour is not as the website promised is heartbreaking. Like trying a new brunch spot without stalking its ‘gram, purchasing womens fashion without the crucial online stalk is a cardinal sin. Take a sneaky peek at the tagged section of a brand’s account. You’ll get a look at their clothes on real people. After all, womens fashion is worn by real women who come in all shapes and sizes.

Now Trending

There’s no need to wait for the newest fashion week. With every refresh on your homepage, trends are being created, modified, loved or hated in front of you. Looks inspired by runways and womens fashion magazines are repurposed for everyday wear by regular people. The overnight bike short trend? Instagram. The rise of fluorescent statements? Also Instagram. Staying ahead of womens fashion trends doesn’t get better or easier than this.

Instagram is changing the way we shop. Our purchases are now faster, more impulsive and prone to error. With Instagram trialling direct shopping in the US. The pressure of flashy fashion is higher than ever. There’s never been such a rush to stay ahead of rapidly changing trends in womens fashion. But we need to ask ourselves: Is this sustainable?




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