Sunday, May 19, 2024

Fashion Trends You Need to Stop Now!

Say Bye to These Fashion Trends

Double denim, high-heeled thongs (look it up it) and bejewelled everything. There’s a variety of cardinal fashion sins we have all committed at one time or another. Thanks to the Internet, we have the cringe-worthy photos to prove it. Fashion trends come and go but some need to go faster than others. While they might make terrific Instagram photos, some trends range from being impractical to downright unsightly. Here are some fashion trends to leave behind next season.

Tiny bags

Tiny Bags are a huge but crazy fashion trend tirght now

Yes, they’re cute. That’s about it. Ones like the Jacquemus’ mini bag are just big enough to fit a singular Air Pod. This fashion trend is the result of brands continually trying to make their collections Instagrammable. And well, it works. But we need to be critical about fashion trends. What’s a bag’s purpose? To hold stuff. Can this bag hold stuff? Probably not.

Tiny sunglasses

Tiny sunglasses are a trend that might look good but is totally impactical

What’s with our obsession with tiny things? Tiny bags, tiny toy collectables (we’re looking at you Coles) and now, tiny sunglasses! Sunglasses are made to protect your eyes from UV rays. So small sunglasses that you wear halfway down your nose are not doing their job. Let’s all agree to stay sun smart in sunny Oz. Or you can choose to keep on squinting into the sun. At least you’ll look good while doing it.

Bike shorts

Bike shorts are an ugly fashion trend in our book

We’re going to look back one day and think, “how on earth did we think we could make bike shorts business casual?” This is one fashion trend that should hit the road. Let’s reserve bike shorts for actual cyclists. They’re an awkward length, restrictively tight and yield the unsightly camel toe. #TMI

Ugly Sneakers

Sneakers have always been a fashion trend but let's be a bit more discriminating about which ones to wear!

With a name like that, ugly sneakers were doomed from the beginning. Also known as “chunky dad sneakers,” these break all the fashion rules. They’re bulky, strangely shaped and arrest attention, maybe not in the best way. From high-end designers to fast fashion brands, many jumped on the bandwagon of this ugly  fashion trend.

Wear What You Want

Wear what you want, rather than being a slave to fashion trends, no matter how ugly!

An outfit that is bold, unique and daring is always rated high in our books. Someone who doesn’t just conform to fashion trends but believes in their own style choices is a trailblazer. Wear it with confidence and rock what you’ve got.

Other than fashion trends that should stop now, here are 5 more fashion mistakes we don’t want to see you make!

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