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The Future of Fashion

Fashion Designing Courses –
Graduates Light the Runway

Fashion graduate runways are always full of showstoppers and this year’s showcase of works by the latest alumni of TAFESA/Flinders University’s fashion designing courses proved the point. Held at the Adelaide Convention Centre no less, in front of 500 fashion enthusiasts, the runway featured the collections of 26 Fashion and 3 Costume graduates.

Lecturer’s Choice Award

“Over exaggerated silhouettes… provoke conversations about the future.”

– Kat Hill
Aboriginal Clothing Brands

The Lecturer’s Choice award, $1000 cash, was won by Kat Hill, whose Tak by Tak collection featuring bold futuristic designs opened the showcase. According to Kat, her collection’s “over exaggerated silhouettes distort views on fashion and art while demanding social space. …With confidence in true self expression, Tak by Tak captures imaginations and provokes conversations of the future.”

TAFE SA Award Winning Collection

HomeStart Outstanding Fashion Graduate of the Year

“It’s for the darlings who find themselves feeling a little bit wobbly.”

– Rio Mignone
Fashion Designing Course winning collection

The Homestart Outstanding Fashion Graduate of the Year award, $2000 cash, went to Rio Mignone. Rio’s Studio Yio collection was created in reaction to lockdown, is unapologetically sexy but “not tailored to the male gaze”. With so much of fashion “thriving off women’s insecurities” Mignone’s designs are for her and her alone. Fabric textures, garment layering and structural manipulation all work together to create a contrast. “It’s for the darlings who find themselves feeling a little bit wobbly.”

Aboriginal Clothing Brands

HomesStart Outstanding Costume Graduate of the Year

“…the designs are intended to distill the characters’ essence in 1920’s form.”

Aboriginal Clothing Brands

Alex Stephens was awarded the HomeStart Outstanding Costume Graduate of the Year, with a $2000 cash prize. Alex’s Aurora costume collection was inspired by the distinct colour palette and personalities of the characters of The Sleeping Beauty ballet of the 1920’s.


Resort Wear

Along with the intensely creative, there were also collections reflecting more recent fashion styles, such as resort wear. Sophie Cousins’ wildflower inspired Fikah collection featured floral prints and empowering silhouettes that implore the wearer to slow down and appreciate life.

Aboriginal Clothing Brands

Mens Street Wear

A men’s streetwear range by Samuel Hackett explored a dystopian future of cyber punk, full of rebelliousness and revolution.

Aboriginal Clothing Brands


The 70’s continue to inspire and Josephine Rose-Arganese served up a modern version of everything denim, wacky, and fun from the decade.

Aboriginal Clothing Brands

It’s impossible to reproduce the incredible range of creativity and the talent on show at a spectacle such as this. Do yourself a favour and make sure you never miss another. It’s fashion creativity at its best. Unrestrained, uncompromising and unapologetic. These showcase spectacles by graduates of these fashion designing courses are not to be missed

See more at @tafesafashion, or tap here see more about fashion courses.

Cover Image: Costume by Sophie Green

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