Cocktail Revolution Event at Melbourne Fashion Festival 2021


 Melbourne Fashion Festival 2021

Cocktail Revolution has long been covering the style and fashions worn by Melbourne Fashion Festival-goers. In fact, we’ve been covering it for at least the last 8 years. That’s almost as long as we’ve been running!  At the Melbourne Fashion Festival 2021, Cocktail Revolution is hosting a free event celebrating 25 years of the Festival. Over cocktails, naturally.  Fashion lovers are invited to join our team for a fun Q and A panel discussion about the changing fashions and fads over 25 years!  

Street Style Fashion & Cocktails  will be held at Bistrou Sou Sou in at 153 Gertrude Street Fitzroy. An  evening of light-hearted, informal discussion, it will  take in the changing style and fashion choices of the men and women attending MFF.  And of course, you’ll find out what it’s like to be a street style photographer!  

You’ll be able to see for yourself as you view iconic photos taken by our street style snappers over the years. You’ll also have the chance to get snapped, papped or captured in a fashion illustration! Our street style photographers will unpack everything you want to know about what goes on behind the scenes and what it’s like to be behind the camera at the Melbourne Fashion Festival. And we promise to share stories from the trenches. 

The most frequently asked question for anyone attending the Melbourne Fashion Festival is: what to wear?  From those who have been attending religiously over the years, to first timers, the question is always the same. So here’s a unique opportunity to find the answer. 

Proudly promoted by the Melbourne Fashion Festival, this event is part of the Independent Ideas Program. Owned an operated by Cocktail Revolution, Street Style Fashion & Cocktails has sold out before we were even able to promote it! Thanks to all who have received tickets. We appreciate your support. And we ask you to please let us know if you are unable to attend, so those on the waiting list may get the chance to attend. 

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Cocktail Revolution's event as part of the Melbourne Fashion fe


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