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Australian Made Leather Bags Now in Vegan Friendly Felt

Katya Komarova

Talented designer Katya Komarova is about to showcase her line of Australian made leather bags at Afterpay Australia Fashion Week in Sydney. She’s also taking the opportunity to launch her new vegan-friendly range for animal lovers when she presents in The Suites on June 4.

So much has happened since the pandemic hit in March 2020...

Oh, what a year! We moved back to Adelaide from Sydney and, to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. Nobody really knew how it will affect the fashion industry. But surprisingly, our sales started going back to normal mid 2020 and I decided to grow my team and open a studio in the city. What a good decision it was. 2020 was the biggest year so far for our businesses. And the beginning of 2021 brought more exciting news like collaborations with brands Morrison and Banded Together.

Australian made leather bags by Katya Komarova

Tell us about your label’s appearance this week at AAFW.

It’s been a long time goal. Australian Fashion Week is the biggest fashion event in the country and I was hoping to get there one day. I’m proud to have been invited and this year will be particularly exciting. This time it’s more consumer-oriented and I see a lot of potential for our Australian made leather bags to be showcasing there.

tan leather bag  by Katya Komarova

Who are some of the famous faces who have been seen with a Katya Komarova bag over their arm?

We are lucky to have women all over the world wearing Katya Komarova bags. NY based stylist and blogger Marina Ingvarsson has been seen a few times wearing her favourite Katya Komarova bags during NYFW.

Melbourne based influencer with one million followers Micah Gianneli has worn our Bucket Bags in various colours and made our bags go viral on Pinterest. The Bachelor’s Dasha Gaivoronski is my old friend and a long time supporter of the brand. South Australian most loved TV presenter Rebecca Morse has worn Katya Komarova accessories for red carpets and everyday. Russian actress and model Lyubov Inzhinevskaya has once walked for our show in Moscow and now wears our bags too.

I could keep going, but every woman who wears a Katya Komarova bag is a super star for me!!

Katya Komarova bag

Describe your design aesthetic in three words.

Minimal, clever, bold.

Katya Komarova bags are perfect travelling companions. Tell us more.

Not many people know, but each Katya Komarova bag is made of one piece of leather and press-studs enable you to unfold your bag to place it flat into your suitcase or store it. Having a few of our interchangeable straps and handles helps you style your bag differently everyday.

Australian made leather bags -tote by Katya Komarova

Tell us about your new vegan-friendly line.

I’ve been researching for a very long time trying to find the best alternative to leather to introduce a non-leather line. And finally it’s here. Next month we will introduce most of our bags in luxurious wool felt in various colours. The bags look amazing in this material and I’m so excited to see how our clients will receive the collection

There are not that many natural materials that will keep the shape we need for the structural bags like ours and thick felt folds so beautifully. The material is also very easy to look after. You can wash it, steam it, and wear it forever.

vegan friendly felt bag by Katya Komarova

What’s next?

We are so ready to scale. I’m very happy with our own sales channels and I am now looking to collaborate and partner with big retailers and make Katya Komarova bags accessible to more women in Australia and around the world.

large leather bag carried by woman in trench coat under her arm


Tap the link to see more about Katya and her award-winning designer bags.

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