Monday, June 17, 2024

CANCELLED: Arnsdorf CANCELS Open Inspection of Its Factory


Sustainable fashion label Arnsdorf has cancelled its open hour to the public this Saturday due to the Corona Virus.

The label re-launched in 2017 with a strong commitment not only to sustainable practices but also to the total transparency of its supply chain. “We did this to ensure that everyone with a hand in our manufacturing process was empowered, and we achieved this by bringing nearly all of our production in-house,” said Founder Jade Sarita Arnott.

There remain a couple of exceptions.  Denim is outsourced to other Melbourne factories, as are belts. The rest are designed, cut, sewn, stored, shipped and photographed under the one roof in Arnsdorf’s Collingwood studios.

See more about the extraordinarily different approach Arnsdorf is taking. Last year Arnsdorf advocated customers join the climate change strike, and never has a sale. See why here.


This post has been updated on 13 March 2020 .

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