Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Arnsdorf Bucks the Trend on Black Friday

Slow Fashion Champion Offers Alternative

While Australian fashion labels have joined the US Thanksgiving shopping holiday sale that’s known as Black Friday, there’s one Aussie label that is bucking the trend. Slow Fashion champion Arnsdorf have emailed their clients to explain why today is Full Price Friday.

The Australian label relaunched in 2016 with a focus on sustainability. “We’ve eschewed traditional wholesaling and retail to create new ways of connecting directly with women. This means we can deliver clothing at a reasonable price without the hyper-inflated markups. We’ve also done away with traditional seasons and the prolonged cycles of waste that follow.”

For this reason, Arnsdorf NEVER goes on sale. Instead, the label releases “well considered trans-seasonal collections, producing limited runs of each item”. Pieces are released individually as they are created. While inboxes around the country are currently being inundated with Black Friday sale discounts, Arnsdorf stands alone by informing its followers that it is NOT having a sale. Instead, it is having the opposite: Full Price Friday!

Here’s their email:

Arnsdorf email to clients on Black Friday

FeaturedImagecredit Arnsdorfs response to Black Friday with their expalanation of Full Price Friday
Featured Image credit from Arnsdorf’s Instagram

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