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Top Aboriginal Clothing Brands X Street Style

Aboriginal Clothing Brands, Model, Stylist

This amazing collaboration between Aboriginal Clothing brands and non-Indigenous fashion enterprises features Wiranga model Lily Tschuna and Narrunga stylist Tracey Bryans.

Fashion editorials featuring Aboriginal creatives are frequently photographed on Country.  Naturally. With culture and Country intricately intertwined, it makes sense to photograph beautiful fashions on Country from which the artists derive their inspiration and depth of meaning. 

With our usual street style themes, we wanted to produce an editorial that brought culture to the city, an Always Was Always Will Be homage.

Proud Narungga woman Tracey Bryans styled local and Aboriginal clothing brands with the theme of ‘Walking the Walk’. Her curation “shows that street style incorporates us all, no matter what style, culture or individuality we have. Style communicates identity, shows who you are and is a tool that can be used to communicate firmly and strongly who you are and what you stand for. By walking the walk, we show up and show who we are! “  

“I’d like to see Aboriginal designed garments being seen walking the streets together with more mainstream labels. Styled with our everyday pieces, Aboriginal designs can and should be a part of our every wardrobe.”

Of the shoot, Model Lily Tschuna wrote: “The shoot was so much fun and filled me with pride to represent First Nation designers. I felt privileged to wear designs that represent stories and family connections to country. I come from a strong family on Wirangu country who live culture. It is not lost on me and my little cousins, brothers and sisters are watching us.”

City living is often gritty, noisy and seemingly the furthest thing away from Country that you can imagine. Yet it is Country still. As we work and walk on city streets, we acknowledge the land on which we tread was first traversed, cared for and respected by traditional custodians of the world’s oldest continuous living culture. Working with fashion houses that were keen to collaborate with Indigenous clothing brands, this street style editorial feature was photographed by Dimitra Koriozos on Kaurna land.

Lily Tschuna
Oversize Ripple Blazer – Kirrikin; Safari Cargo Pant – Nowa the Label; Bright Spark Cross Body Bag Navy – Sans Beast; Petite Smuggler Chilli Bag with Highway Strap – Sans Beast; Earrings – Lakun Mara
Aboriginal Clothing Brands
Honey Bee, shirt, blazer, pants – Buluuy Mirrii; Small Shoulder Bag- Nowa the Label.
Aboriginal Clothing Brands
Honey Bee Blazer -Buluuy Mirri; Sweat Pants Pearled Ivory – Nowa the Label; Earrings- Lakun Mara
Aboriginal Clothing Brands
Dress: Yarrabah by Elverina Johnson. Bright Spark Cross Body Bag Navy – Sans Beast; Denim Jacket – Nowa the Label
Lily Tschuna
Dress – Yarrabah Arts; Bright Spark Cross Body Bag Pale Vanilla – Sans Beast; Jewellery – Helene Kailis
Aboriginal Clothing Brands - Yarrabah by Elverina Jonhnson
Featured Designer: Yarrabah – by Elverina Johnson
Elverina Johnson X Sans Beast
Dress & Pants by Yarrabah – Elverina Johnson; Petite Smuggler Bag – Sans Beast.
Aboriginal Clothing Brands Yarrabah Arts Centre
Dress: Yarrabah Arts. Earrings: Lakun Mara; Net: Yarrabah by Elverina Johnson .
Aboriginal Clothing Brands
Aboriginal Clothing Brands - Kirrikin
Grevilia Blazer – Kirrikin; Sweat Pants Pearled Ivory – Nowa the Label; Spark Cross Body Bag Pale Vanilla with additional Elemental Chain Strap – Sans Beast; Petite Smuggler Chilli Bag – Sans Beast; Earrings – Lakun Mara

Featured Image: Gold Chain Neckpiece and Bracelet by Helene Kailis; Oversize Ripple Blazer by Kirrikin; Bright Spark Cross Body Bag by Sans Beast.

Model: Lily Tschuna
Agency: The Models
Hair: Athina Partsas – Armany Hair
Make Up: Rebecca Faraone Colour Cosmetica
Stylist: Tracey Bryans
Photographer: Dimitra Koriozos
Location: Kaurna Land, North Adelaide
Aboriginal Clothing Brands: Kirrikin; Yarrabah by Elverina Johnson; Yarrabah Arts & Cultural Precinct; Buluuy Mirrii; Lakun Mara Earings & Pendants;
Collaborating Brands: Sans Beast; Nowa The Label; Helene Kailis Jewellery

Lily Tschuna in dress by Yarrabah Arts
Lily Tschuna in dress by Yarrabah Arts, Jewellery by Helene Kailis

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