How To Style a Midi Dress


Beyond Winter Fashion

Summer, autumn, winter, spring… Whatever the season, sometimes all we want is to just wear a dress! Dresses aren’t just reserved for the warmer weather. In fact, midi skirts and dresses are some of the most versatile pieces hiding in your wardrobe. They’re ace for transseasonal wear, as well as summer and winter fashion.


There’s one month left of this chilly season. Until then, make the most of winter fashion. What other season can you wear coats and scarves that resemble blankets? Many of us stick to pants, but dresses shouldn’t be left out. Thick midi dresses are cosy yet cute. Veer away from typical black attire and lean towards a warm-toned dress. As with any other winter fashion look, don’t hold back on accessorising! It’s the key to keeping warm. Black ankle boots, an oversized coat and a hat will have you looking chic and weather appropriate.


As we say goodbye to winter fashion, spring greets us with open arms and hayfever sniffles. Midi length skirts and dresses make for the perfect transseasional pieces. With bursts of sunshine among grey skies, ensure your ‘fit is versatile for the weather. A spaghetti strapped midi dress pairs well with a thin trench coat and casual sneakers. Or try pairing a heavier midi skirt with a lighter top, say a mesh long sleeve. Swap your sneakers for a pair of strappy heels on warmer days.


Sun’s out, pretty dresses out! Floaty, patterned midi dresses are a girl’s best friend in summer. Unlike winter fashion, summer fashion screams light layers, thin fabrics and bright colours. Make your midi skirt or dress your outfit’s statement item. Floral midi? Jazz it up with some complementary accessories. Bright skirt? Let it sing and wear it with a basic tee. There’s nothing like the feeling of your gorgeous skirt billowing in the wind on a warm summer’s day…


Autumn’s a tricky bugger. Is it warm enough to bare legs? With the right midi pieces, it just might be. Tuck a long sleeve basic into your skirt and complete it with a thin coat or jacket. More into midi dresses? You’ve just got to pick the right one. Opt for one that’s thicker and made from a sturdier fabric, like wool blends or cotton. The trench coat style midi dress is a hot option. On colder days, layer a turtleneck underneath.

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