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Winter Style on a Budget

Save Money with These Winter Style Tips

 With only a couple of weeks left of of winter, the chilly season is showing no signs of slowing down. Hail storms have been rife across the southerns states. So it’s not yet time to be packing away your winter wardrobe. You can still step up your winter style game with these fashion tips that won’t leave a dent in your bank account. It’s about restyling what’s already in your possession and then investing in just a few select additional pieces, if needed. Your winter style will welcome the refresh!

Summer’s (Almost) Back

winter style tips

winter style tips

Start off strong and the rest of your outfit will follow. Echoing the words of mothers worldwide, “make sure you’ve got enough layers on!” Here’s a big tip: your winter style isn’t limited to just your winter wardrobe. Pull out your t-shirts and singlets. But don’t worry, we won’t be leaving you to shiver. Ensure your core is warm with thermals and turtlenecks. Then, proceed to layer as wildly as you like! An oversized tee or a piece of sultry lingerie can be worn on top of your winter basics.

Knitty Gritty

winter style tips

winter style tips

Don’t sacrifice warmth for style. Keeping warm is key. Chunky and textured knits are big right now. They look ultra-luxe and their bagginess allows for many hidden layers. Absolutely worth the investment and now is a great time to invest, as end-of-season-prices are coming down. Tuck them into a skirt with a pair of tights or wear them loose with a pair of flowy pants. Neutrals work best for mixing and matching with cream and grey being the most popular ATM.

Winter Warmers

winter style tips

winter style tips

Best cure for a boring outfit? Accessories, accessories, accessories. If you’re bundled up in a plain pair of pants and jumper, top your look with a statement scarf. This must-have winter style accessory comes in so many varieties. Maybe you’re a bold polka dot kind of person. Or thick, cable-knit scarves call your name. One thing’s for certain, they’ll all ensure you’re cosy enough to brave the cold.

Not All Bleak

winter style tips

winter style tips

Step away from your black puffer jacket! Step away! It’s the first thing you reach for on a cold morning, but it’s a drab winter style choice. Slowly but surely swap out your black pieces for coloured ones. Navy, maroon and dark green all work in winter. More likely than not, you’ve already got some of these colours in your wardrobe. Pair with lighter tones or neutrals for an easy match, or patterned accessories to give your look a trending lift.

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