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Slow Fashion Leisurewear: Solomon Street

Solomon Street

Meet Lauren Crago from Adelaide, the talented creative behind eco label Solomon Street.  Lauren’s sustainable leisurewear is crafted from Hemp and made using solar power! 

When did your fashion journey start and how?

I suppose you could say I accidentally landed in the fashion industry. I actually studied graphic design at UniSA, with a year focused on illustration. It was through creating illustrations that I wanted to put them to use, and fabric seemed like a great idea! I have always wanted to run my own business. I just wasn’t sure in what area. Even with a creative background, I’ve discovered that the business aspect of operations is something that I really love.

Solomon Street Designs showing designer Lauren Crago's graphic desing detail

What did you feel was not being addressed in the fashion industry that you could deliver with a new label?

For a long period, businesses in the fashion industry have been driven by profit without consideration for their social and environmental impacts. We exist for a purpose. We are an eco-fashion label making bold prints with a difference. Being a sustainable and ethical business means we are conscious of things such as which fabrics we use in our garments and who we choose to manufacture our line. As for the social aspect, we are providing funds for a micro lending scheme that gives financial assistance to small businesses and causes in developing countries. Solomon Street is really just a facilitator of change. We also conveniently make cool clothes.

Where does the name “Solomon Street” come from?

The namesake of Solomon Street is a cool little row of drinkeries in the Adelaide CBD, where I was working when I started the label. I was surrounded by such a beautiful group of people who lived with such love and compassion, which was an obvious but revolutionary idea for me as a 22 year old. I thought:  “I need to create something that spreads this (love and compassion) all over the world.”

Solomon Street Designs

Ethos behind the brand?

Our motto is ‘Clothes with Impact’. They have impact through the original and vibrant prints that I create, but also create impact  through providing people with clothes options that have as small a footprint on the earth as possible. 

Who is the Solomon Street client?

Our customers are conscious of the impact they leave on their world and others around them. They have a strong sense of social justice and do whatever they can to contribute positively back to society and help those less privileged than them. Solomon Street has an incredible community around us. Our customers are more friends than customers as we all share the same values and appreciate fun clothes!

Solomon Street Designs

How do people find out about your label?

Most of our interstate customers find out about Solomon Street through social media. In Adelaide, it has generally been through word of mouth. I’ve heard from numerous people at markets say that they heard about Solomon Street through a friend or a post shared through social media.

What’s the single most important thing people should know about your label.

That we truly love what we do and put our heart and soul into creating beautiful clothes that we hope make people happy. 

Solomon Street Designs

What’s next?
We’ve changed our business model and are launching a new line of hemp leisurewear (with new prints) that are here to stay! Think – Juicy, fresh prints straight from the Daintree in far North Queensland. Stay tuned on our website and social media channels for further updates. 

Solomon Street Designer Lauren Gargo

Solomon Street has now expanded it’s range to produce hemp undies and active wear, , linen jumpsuits, and of course matching masks! 

Follow Lauren’s Solomon Street journey on Instagram here. Or catch Solomon Street designs on their website.


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