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NOLA Checks Out

Nola Craft Beer and Whiskey

Beers, bourbons, cocktails: check.

Louisiana style food: check.

Vibe: check.

Location: Check

That’s if you listen to the local crowd we met last Friday evening at NOLA, a local Lousiana style bar and eatery in Adelaide’s Vardon Ave, where a wide range of bourbons, beers and cocktails are on offer. We chatted to a few locals enjoying the popular venue to find out why they came and why they keep coming back.

NOLARhiannon, 24, Contact Centre

We’re just having after work drinks because it’s nearby to work and we like beer. They have lots of variety. They’re big – adequate value for money for a boutique bar.

Mat, 31, Public Service

I try to get down here as often as I can. My work’s down in the west end but I actually prefer the east end to the other side…even though I work in Waymouth Street. I  think the bars and the night life is a bit better compared to the west side. The positioning’s good. It’s closer to the parklands, closer to my house as well. I live in the north east so it’s a bit easier to get home as well. Tonight my mate’s over from Perth so I thought I’d come down here and have a drink with him. He’s originally from Adelaide, and likes coming to the east end as well. This is one of his favourite bars. We come here because of the range of beers they have on tap. They’re always changing the menu and there’s always something different to try. The strength of the beers is strong and I prefer a stronger beer over a pale ale off tap.

NOLARachel, 32, Marketing

Good value. Nice beers. Good selection from mild to strong so you can stay here and get sloshed and go on to hard spirits after. Only kidding. Think they should do two-for-one on a Friday night, buddy. The east end here is where it’s at. It’s vibrant and it’s happening. NOLA is half way down the list of all the venues that you’d choose because I get two-for-one everywhere else.

Molly, 24, Community Relations

I’m just catching up with some friends. Its good that NOLA is close by and convenient and they do good Tater-tots. We’ll stay until it gets too cold (outside). I come down to the east end often. It’s my area I come to for a night out.

NOLAGrace, 32, IT

I’m here to meet friends for after-work cocktails. We’re trying the Lady NOLA (cocktail). It’s easy to drink but not too sweet. There’s a good vibe here and we’ll have a bite to eat before we leave as well. My friends like the Cajun Chicken and I do too.  We like that there’s a good relaxed vibe here. Yeah, it’s a good spot to hang out.

George, 28, Lawyer

I really like the area. There’s a good chance of bumping into someone you know. You can come down on your own and end up meeting friends. But also, if you don’t end up talking to anyone it doesn’t take long after you text some of your mates to come down.  Because it’s in the city, it doesn’t take them long to get here from work.  I’m a beer drinker and my mate I’m waiting for drinks whiskey. We like what’s on offer here for both of us and we like the food. Simple, tasty.

NOLASimon, 29, Sales

I’m here to meet some friends for a drink. My preference is to hang out in the east end of town and I’m here because the selection of beers is a bit different to the standard bars. There’s more of a range. The beers are stronger. There are lots of new beers popping up and it’s good to be able to try the new craft beers. Today I’ve got a Stomping Ground from Victoria just like IPA it’s a bit hoppier.


NOLA: 28 Vardon Avenue, Adelaide, off Rundle Street East.



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