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Meet the Fashion Stylist – Heidimarie Everett

You’ve seen Heidimarie Everett on Instagram and now it’s time to meet her in person. This fashion stylist from Perth is ticking boxes from personal styling to commerical fashion editorials and everything in between.

What kind of styling do you do?

I like to immerse myself in all areas of styling. I often style lookbooks and campaigns for designers, runway shows, model portfolios and magazine editorials. I also do event styling, personal styling and commercial shoots for celebrities.

Fifties fashion styled photo by Heidimarie Everetto

How did you launch yourself as a stylist?

Fashion has always been close to my heart. I loved it so much I would attend all the social events showcasing all my styling on myself but I was so shy and was so terrified of being photographed by the paper and even you guys at one point. I needed to find another avenue to showcase my art so I started volunteering backstage at The Studio and at the Perth Fashion Festival. I met someone backstage who recommended a styling school, so I enrolled.

After completing my Certificate of Professional Styling, I went straight into launching my fashion business, making contacts, reaching out to potential clients and promoting my business on Instagram. When I look back, I remember how difficult it was to organize a team for a photoshoot. I even had to do hair on occasions. I’m actually a published Hair Stylist you know! Now I’m lucky enough to have reached a stage in my career where teams are contacting me and I have more work than I can cope with.

Fashion styling by Heidimarie Everett

Why do you love styling so much?

I enjoy giving my clients the gift of confidence. In my shoots I am able to express myself, tell stories and get the audience to feel something whether it be joy, wonder, shock or discomfort.

Fifties Style fashion shoot styled by Heidimarie Everett

What’s your point of difference as a stylist?

I don’t just want my client to look good, I want them to stand out! I not only aim for beauty but creativity, interest and uniqueness. I love to style ahead of the times not just what everyone else is wearing.

woman in black headress

Describe your typical “day in the life of a fashion stylist”.

Whether you’re meeting up with a client for a personal styling session or styling a shoot I can’t overstress prepping and getting super organized.

On a shoot day I will wake up early, re-steam everything I’ve steamed the night before, place everything in garment bags, pack my car with the essentials including snacks and potential props, go for a coffee run, contact assistants, try and arrive 15 mins before call time, discuss ideas with the photographer and walk around the shooting area in search of potential areas to shoot, show the team the outfits of the shoot, STEAM the garments again, make sure all shoes are taped, dress the models, check that hair and makeup is running smoothly, help the photographer come up with poses for the models, pack down, contact designers, organize returns, STEAM garments again for returns and wipe all shoes and accessories with alcohol wipes, send credits to team, post stories and discuss submissions. Pretty much HUSSLE, FUN, HUSSLE.

Fashion Editorial by Heidimarie Everett

Your proudest moment so far?

I don’t know why but this shoot in the Perth Hills springs to mind. I was Creative Director of this shoot and gave it a 1940s theme. I had half a million dollars worth of pearls on location with their very own body guard, literally hired out a house, and got the loveliest gentlemen to lend me his vintage car for the day. Everything was just exactly how I wanted it to be. The backdrop, the photography, the hair, makeup, and the most stunning model who is now one of my best friends.

Woman in white suit

What’s the most challenging aspect of working as a fashion stylist?

Adapting to change. No matter how much you plan, expect the unexpected.  

fashion styling by Heidimarie Everett

Best career advice you can give anyone who wants to become a fashion stylist?

Use social media! I get so many jobs through my Instagram. We live in an era where we can reach out and basically have free advertising that we are able to control ourselves. Network and establish connections!

Woman in sleeveless white textured minidress

Most prized item in your wardrobe?

You’re going to laugh at this but probably my Reese’s Chocolate TEE from Dubai and this shirt by local WA designer Eitan Broude that has “I’m Still Social Distancing” stitched on it. It was love at first sight and absolutely no hesitation when I bought them. That’s how you know you’ve found something special.

I also love local designers so much that most of my favourite items are made by people I’ve worked with and know. It makes it so much more meaningful.

Woman in maxi-skirt standing in a garden with roses

Most lusted for item not yet in your wardrobe?

Can I say a diamond ring from Tiffany’s? Kidding! I actually don’t have one. I’m quite a determined person so if I really want something, I’ll just go get it.

Woman walking on a beach

Highlight of your career?

Probably being approached by the Louis Vuitton headquarters for a potential styling job and having a snippet of my work published in British Vogue were all pinch me moments.

Being paid as a Styling Assistant for the opening of David Jones in Mandurah and in particular Carousel where I actually got to run the show was pretty amazing too, as well as being given the opportunity to style my very first runway show for Bais Clothing. One day I hope to Style and Produce my very own runway show, would love to do it for charity.

Fashion editorial styling by Heidimarie Everett

In three words, describe your personal style.

Edgy, classy and a tad bit revealing but probably not so in the modern-day sense 😉

Best piece of advice for aspiring stylists?

Get out there, begin and don’t give up. Work hard and take chances.

Sometimes I feel like approaching shops and designers is how I imagine a guy feels when asking a girl out. Sometimes you get rejected by designers who you thought would say yes and then you get a big thumbs up by the most established boutiques and creatives. You don’t know unless you give it a go and put yourself out there. But yes, never let the rejection get you down. Always be the player!

Heidimarie Everett

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