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Adelaide Fringe Frenzy: Why Australia Can’t Get Enough of this Spectacular Festival

Adelaide Fringe 2024
16 Feb – 17 March

It’s that time of year again when Adelaide’s celebration of creativity turns the entire city into a vibrant stage for all things performance. Everything goes: digital art, music, cabaret, comedy, music, acrobatics, magic, hypnosis and whatever else you can think of that can be done on a stage. Adelaide Fringe 2024 is “a celebration of artistry and community spirit” as the city shifts its atmosphere to exuberance.

One of the coolest things about the Fringe is its inclusivity. An alternative to highbrow art and culture, it welcomes everyone. The festival’s vibrance and infectious energy is palpable, making you feel like you’re part of something big, something exciting. No wonder it’s become the first festival in Australia to sell more than one million tickets!

Adelaide Fringe 2024 Poster by Rebecca Davis: “All In”

With a huge variety of shows to choose from, the hardest part is making sure all the shows you want to attend are scheduled at different times. The organisers have thought of this and included a planner on their website!. Incredibly accessible, venues cater for the hearing and sight impaired, with disability access, affordable tickets (many at $10) and daily discounts!

With growing interstate and international attendees, it’s hardly surprising that the Adelaide Fringe is second only to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Over 7,000 artists perform in more than 1300 events at hundreds of venues. Two main venues in the city’s parklands are Gluttony and the Garden of Unearthly Delights. Situated in the city’s east end, where the streets are closed to traffic and restaurants and cafes spread onto the roads, they are full of makeshift theatre halls, pop up wine bars, food trucks and free mini-shows. While there are Fringe shows happening all over Adelaide, the other central locations that host a variety of shows are:

. Festival Plaza: The Pink Flamingo Speigleclub
. Hindmarsh Square: Wonderland Festival Hub

Opening night is Friday 16 Feb:
5.00PM: Street Party kicks off with Night Markets, MusicSA’s Frusic Stage and dozens of surprise performances all along North Terrace.
8.00PM: Tindo Utpurndee (Sunset Ceremony) – South Australian Museum Lawns
8.30PM: Switching on of the Parade of Light (the Parade of Light will continue until midnight, and will return each night of the Adelaide Fringe)

Walk through Adelaide’s Botanic Garden to enjoy the Natural Wonders Installation – a must see by all accounts!

There’s even something for the most ardent fashion lovers. Fashion 4 Passion reveals “the the flaws and the breaking of laws in the fashion industry.” You’ll “attend a sermon on SUPRE, witness outfit repeaters sentenced to death and see why life is better when you’re a trendsetter.”

Adelaide Fringe
Image credit: @fashun4pashun

One of the quirkiest shows to hit the Adelaide Fringe 2024 is the Inflatable Church, an interactive experience where you can get married to anyone or more interestingly, anything! Looks like heaps of fun and a huge laugh! Essential to attend, as, after all, you’re in the City of Churches!

The event farthest out of Adelaide is set in the world famous Coorong – brought to the world’s attention via Mr Percival and Storm Boy. A two hour drive from Adelaide, the Dupang Pangari (Coorong Spirit) Festival is taking place on Ngarrindjeri Lands where respected Elder Major Moogy Sumner is hosting a Coroboree over 3 days! 

On Sunday, February 11, First Nations Cultural Tours will be held through the Botanic gardens, running every 20 minutes of 45 minutes duration.

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