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A Meat Eater’s Guide To Dining In Sydney

A human lifespan is a relatively short-term stint on planet Earth.  As we’re only around for so long, it makes sense to live life to the fullest. After all is said and done, you want to enjoy your limited time here. 

That’s why people seek out pleasure and entertainment in their spare time. Work is a necessary task, but the fun comes after hours or on the weekends. And the way people seek their fun is as varied as humanity. Some people like to rock climb, while others enjoy mountain biking. Others still like to read or play board and card games. 

And some people love to tuck into a big juicy cut of meat and explore all the different carnivorous food options in their town. In this article, we’ll share a meat eater’s guide to dining in the city of Sydney. We’ll share the best burgers in Sydney, as well as where to find tasty meat treats such as ribs, wings and more. Read on to find out all about it.

The Best Burgers in Sydney

There are a few different contenders for the best burgers in Sydney. 

One place you can grab a succulent, juicy burger is Ribs and Burgers. This is a chain store with twelve locations across Sydney. However, just because it is a chain joint doesn’t mean the quality drops. They offer a premium chuck and brisket patty with tasty sauces and other delicious toppings. This is one eatery not to be missed for the discerning Sydney carnivore. 

Another place you can grab a great burger is at Mary’s in Newtown. We recommend the OG Mary’s burger with added bacon. It is a juicy, tender, delicious burger that will satisfy you completely. You can also grab a tasty side of mash and gravy which pairs rather well with the burger.

Sydney Food & Drink

Best Ribs in Sydney

Are you wondering where you can get tender, delicious and mouth-watering ribs in Sydney? Lucky for you, we’ve found some places that hit the spot.

Rockpool Bar and Grill received the Sydney Morning Herald Two Hats winner for a decade straight – from 2009-2019, and with good reason. Located in the middle of the city and set within the stunning City Mutual Building, Rockpool serves up some of the best ribs you’ve ever had. They’ve also got a wine list that is to die for. If you’re a traveler, be sure to visit currency exchange Sydney to pay there conveniently. 

Another restaurant that serves up a tasty rack of ribs is Hurricane’s Grill. They have a variety of grilled meats on the menu. Still, their ribs are famous in Sydney, with an irresistible signature basting method. They are grilled on an open fire and served with a series of yummy sides. We recommend going on an empty stomach. 

Best Wings in Sydney

Is there anything more enjoyable than tucking into a massive plate of tender, crumbed, and 

potentially spicy chicken wings? Even the greasy fingers and mouth are worth it in the end. 

Let’s explore some places serving up the best chicken wings in Sydney. 

With a head chef from Nashville, Tennessee, Belle’s Hot Chicken is one of Sydney’s best fried chicken joints. If you want crunchy, spicy, tender and juicy wings, then look no further. They serve up tenders, wings, and drumsticks; you can choose your own heat level. The spice heads won’t be disappointed here. 

Another excellent fried chicken and wings restaurant is the Soda Factory. They do southern-style fried chicken that is hard to beat. The place takes its name from its location, as it is hidden behind a soda machine inside Bobby’s Boss Dogs – another great place to eat.

Their speciality is the Kick-Ass Buffalo Wings, which are deep-fried, spicy and served with a delicious homemade ranch sauce. 

The Best Steaks in Sydney

For the discerning meat eater, nothing beats biting into a juicy, freshly cooked steak. It’s almost the ultimate carnivore experience. So, finally, let’s explore some of the best steaks in Sydney. 

The first place to check out is 6Head in the CBD. This is a restaurant founded on sustainability principles, but it is also among the best of Sydney’s steakhouses. Chef Sean Hall has crafted a superb menu, with six cuts of meat available. Choose between rump, eye fillet, sirloin, scotch fillet, T-bone or ribeye. An added bonus is the waterfront view of the harbour and the Opera house.

The next place to visit is in the CBD as well – located underground on the corner of Elizabeth, and King Street lies Bistecca. The menu is small, but the steak is divine. A jazz soundtrack and candlelight ambience create an incredible atmosphere in droves, whereas the 300-gram English prime rib eye is the main attraction. Instagrammers beware; there are no phones allowed in Bistecca. Enjoy the meal without the social media engagement. 

A Choice Cut Conclusion

In this article, we’ve shared where you can find the best burgers, ribs, wings and steaks in Sydney. These places are a must-visit for the peak carnivore, but the whole city offers much more for a meat-eater. Enjoy discovering your favourites. 

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