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Sexy Plus Size Dresses For Evening Wear

Peloponnese The Label

Patricia Pantelios, founder of Peloponnese the Label, was a relatively late-starter when it came to starting her own fashion label. Here’s the story of how and why she came up with with her brand of sexy plus size dresses.

It’s not often that you hear of someone who’s carved out a strong career in finance throwing in the towel to start all over again.  But that’s exactly what Patricia Pantelois, the creative behind Peloponnese The Label, did!

First Nations Fashion Design

Coming from Adelaide, Patricia’s sister had been keen to live the bright lights life in Melbourne. Volunteering to keep her company, Patricia went too. When her sister Kelly decided to return to Adelaide after 6 months, Patricia stayed on. She’d just landed an exciting role working with a household name in finance. She wasn’t ready to return.

“Why can’t I just have the same clothes that everyone else has?”

– Patricia Pantelois

Meanwhile, in the “fashion capital of Australia”, Patricia couldn’t find upbeat clothing in her size. Only dowdy, frumpish clothing for much older women seemed to be available. Nothing in bright colours or interesting designs. “You really only saw women in my size wearing slight variations of  the same smock dress, over and over again.”

First Nations Fashion Design

Fed up with wearing the smock “uniform”, Patricia started making her own clothes. She was regularly stopped in the street by plus size women and women of all sizes complimenting her, always asking where she got her outfit. Their reaction to her answer was always the same. They were always both impressed and disappointed as she replied “I made it myself.” Eventually, this became such a regular occurrence that Patricia began to realise that she wasn’t the only one who was frustrated with such limited fashion options. There were more than a few women who wanted something more!

First Nations Fashion Design
Plus Size Dresses

“It had always been that fashion only belonged to people of smaller size.”

-Patricia Pantelois

After 10 years and a stellar career path ahead of her, Patricia quit the job she loved, packed up her things and moved back to Adelaide. She moved in with her parents and enrolled in TAFE SA to study fashion design. Still living with her parents, she launched Peloponnese The Label at the end of 2021. The label featured in the BLACK Dress Runway earlier this year and can now be found stocked at Fashion Est in North Adelaide, as well as online.

Focussing on evening wear, Peloponnese the Label brings the sexy back into classic looks for women from size 8-26. A sustainable brand, each outfit is hand made in Australia with most garments being made-to-order. Slow fashion at its best.

Patricia Pantelois (R) & sister Kelly
Founder of Peloponnese The Label, Patricia Pantelois (R) & sister Kelly

Peloponnese The Label is a rare find in sexy plus size dresses for evening wear. There’s much to love about this amazing new brand that can cross over to smart day wear.

See more about Peloponnese the Label on Instagram.

For daywear, activewear and swimwear see: Australian Fashion’s Plus Size Brands

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