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Winter Do’s & Dont’s – What You Should Have Mastered By Now

Womens Fashion For the Coldest Days

Winter fashion. How do you nail it? Have you nailed it?  While winter is officially over in two weeks, you can bet that at least in three states you’ll still be needing to follow all the rules for winter styling, long past this fortnight!  Haven’t yet got your winter styling down pat so you can effortlessly leave home in comfort? Here’s your check list of winter fashion Do’s and Dont’s.  You’ll look less like an overly decorated snowman and more like a put-together winter goddess of womens fashion.


Buy Quality

Winter Do's

Prediction: You’ll be reaching for the same trusty black turtleneck and cream sweater all season. When it comes to womens fashion essentials, it’s worth investing in good quality, ethical and locally-made garments. You know they’ll be worn time and time again.

Be Prepared  (to Peel Off and Pile On)

Do - be prepared
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Just because the sun is out right now, doesn’t mean it’ll still be shining in an hour. Prepare for all elements and layer appropriately. Think singlets under turtlenecks and jackets under big coats. In womens fashion, oversized works well for layering.

Remember  Your Jacket

Do - remember your winter fashion jacket

It’s all about outer wear! Having an ultra-warm fashionable jacket or coat is essential to help prevent your shivers and sniffles. It’ll minimise the number of layers you have to pile underneath too. Besides, it’s kind of like wearing a portable blanket outside.

Finish with Accessorising

Do - finish with accessorising

Beanies, scarves, gloves, boots… Accessorising is key to any winter outfit. Not only will it give you that extra warmth, but your outfit will look complete with added textures and elements. Try a pop of colour with a cross body bag or a bright beanie.


Sit Tight

Don't - sit tight

Sheer stockings have their time and place. But battling freezing winds and rain is not one of them. Swap them for a pair of thick tights. Paired with oversized coats, they’ll provide your legs with warmth but will also balance top-heavy outfits.

Create a Black Hole

Don't - creat a black hole by only wearing black

As the weather starts to be become greyer and drearier, don’t let your wardrobe do the same. It’s easy to resort back to that well-worn black ensemble and forgo colour in the colder months. Rocking a colourful womens fashion outfit is as simple as finding a statement coat that carries your look. Match it with contrasting patterns or similar shades.

Hide Your True Colours

Don't - hide your true winter fashion colours

Pull out your favourite summer dress and floaty skirt, they don’t need to hide until December rolls around again. Layer them up with tights, sweaters and scarves. Womens fashion is incredibly versatile – a dress can be worn as a skirt or a top too.

Get Toey

DONT- get toey!

Feet get cold. Incredibly cold. They need extra protection in winter so don’t even think about open-toed shoes. Closed-toe shoes are the way to go for comfort and warmth. A heeled boot or knee-high is perfect for the coldest weather. Plus, you can sneakily wear some thick, cosy socks underneath. Over your tights.

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