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Why the Mule Heel Has Made a Popular Comeback

Your Versatile  Shoe

It’s time to meet your feet’s new best friend. Mules. Times have changed, and mules are now autumn’s hottest fashion & style shoe. That’s not least because of their versatility. So, what is exactly is a mule heel? Though they come in various styles, cuts and fabrics, it’s commonly agreed that they’re backless and can be slipped on easily. Think of them as a hybrid between sandals, heels and loafers. Wear ‘em to work, to picnics, with denim and with trenches. Skip the heels and their accompanying blisters and aches. Once you wear mules, you won’t ever want to go back.

Pretty Woman

Fashion style trends with the mule heel
L-R: @abbey_cash   @imjennim    @rianna_mara

Leave your heels at home, mules are leading the way. With their modest, block heel, comfort is always prioritised. Midi skirts and long, floaty dresses create a feminine fashion style. Spend your days twirling around. The lightness of a silky or crepe skirt contrasts against the block coloured and solid shape of a mule heel. It’s the perfect fashion style for slightly warmer days.

Make It Work

Many fashionistas wear mule heels to work
L-R: @imjennim  @martina_andrioti    @streetscout

Bored of your 9-5 get-up? Change up your usual black pumps for something in a fashion style that’s a little more fun. Try a pair of tan close-toe mules. The suede variety is a particularly popular fashion style and instantly adds another textured element to your work ‘fit. Strut into work complete with a blazer and you’ll feel like you own the place. Karen! Fetch my coffee.

Got the Blues?

denim works well with Mule heels
L-R:  @loveandloathingla  @alicecatherine @evaemmaline

Make a fashion style statement and let your shoes do the talking. Easily slid on and off, mules can be your go-to shoes. Coming in an array of fashion styles, they are totally versatile. High heel, subtle heel, patterned, buckled, coloured, textured… the list goes on. Whatever your style, denim works wonders with mules. Paired with a floral flock, layered with trenches or worn with a simple tee, it just works.

Trendy Trench

Mule heels look amazing with a trench coat
L-R: @abbey_cash  @kirsteynkonig  @juliahaghjoo

Here’s the crossover episode you’ve all been waiting for: trench coats and mule heels. These are two of the fashion & style essentials for this season. It’s handy that they go hand in hand together. The draping long lined coat juxtaposes against the elegant heel. Hint: leave some skin showing at the ankles so you don’t end up looking swallowed by your oversized trench.

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