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Winter Round Up: Cowboy Boots Are In

White Cowboy Boots are Causing a Sensation

Howdy partner! Did someone say yee haw? Because cowboy boots are BACK baby. Spotted on countless celebrities and on influencers at fashion weeks and music festivals around the world, these luxury assets with a western twist have returned with a vengeance. And it’s white cowboy boots that are causing a sensation!

White cowboy boots

To see where trends are born, look no further than Australia’s up and coming model sensations. Liv Parsons created an absolute scene on instagram with a post of her sporting a stunning pair of white cowboy boots. Now, these aren’t just any white cowboy boots, but a pair with a classic country vibe and an edgy modern twist. 

While we can all dream about having a wardrobe as on trend as a model’s, it’s easy to see that cowboy boots are a must have on your wardrobe wish list.  

Something that is absolutely essential to know about owning a pair of cowboy boots, particularly white cowboy boots, is that shoes like these are a statement piece. They shine on their own, so the need for a bold or striking outfit isn’t necessary. The boots will do all the work for your outfit for you. Do I hear less effort into picking an outfit? While still looking kick ass? Get me a pair of white cowboy boots ASAP.  

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski : Getty Images

One last highlight of joy from cowboy boots: dress them up or dress them down. They have the versatility to go with any kind of outfit you can imagine. Pieces likes these are what you can consider timeless. They will last you beyond the changing seasonal trends and be a staple of your wardrobe.

First Nations Fashion Design
Getty Images

One final thing to think about. If white cowboy boots are a little too stark for your taste, you can always go tan, or, for stand out style, add some black or contrasting colour!

First Nations Fashion Design
Getty Images

So, what are you waiting for? Giddy up and get yourself a pair partner!

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