Western Style Fashion Trend


Head-to-Toe Cowboy Style

From its humble status as a niche fashion trend, western-style dressing has since become a key style for the season.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen western style get a new spin each season but only ever as a micro-trend, with the odd cowboy boot, bedazzled belt or fringed accessory appearing on the runway. Now, we’re spotting more and more of this cowboy inspired fashion trend.

Dressing in head to toe western style has previously been considered more costume than cool. So why is this trend having its moment now?

Festival style could play a part. While Coachella and the like are only annual events, festival style generally has trickled into summer dress codes, albeit in more toned down ways. Perhaps it’s simply down to a cultural whirlwind of Americana themed films and a couple of major influencer chain reactions. Regardless, the cowboy renaissance is galloping ahead at full speed.

How to Wear the Western Fashion Trend

If you’re eager to experiment with this fashion trend, you can dive right in without looking like you’re in costume. Try sticking to smaller western-inspired details to begin with, as you generally only need a hint of this trend to elevate an outfit.

Already a fan of double denim? You’ve been rocking this trend all along. A belt with buckle detail thrown into the mix will take things up a notch.

An obvious choice for those looking to rock street-turned-saloon style is to grab a pair of cowboy boots. Sticking to simple silhouettes in black, white or brown will allow you to add a western edge to any outfit. If you’re already bored of the normal outfit + cowboy boots formula, try pairing your footwear with prairie dresses, denim shifts or suede and tassel accessories.

This fashion trend is probably at its peak ‘acceptability’ right now, so have fun with it. Yee-haw!



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