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Street Runway Three – MFW

Melbourne Fashion Week


The organisers of Melbourne Fashion Week have struck a cord with the fashion set through their free street style runways. MFW Street Runway Three proved to be very popular, with seating packed to capacity at each of the two shows.

Here’s what we saw, through the lens of Zoe Kostopoulos.

Vincent Li

Vincent Li - MFW Melbourne Fashion Week Street Runway

MFW Melbourne Fashion Week Street Runway Three Vincent Li

First Nations Fashion Design

Vincent Li “has not forgotten his Chinese roots that he combines with tenets of western fashion

Starting life in the vibrancy of Shanghai, China, Vincent Li trained as a dancer from a young age. He took the path into the technical world of IT from School but made the bold full circle of coming back to his true self by re-entering the quixotic world of the arts to design fashion and eventually launching his label in 2014.

Vincent’s passion and love for fashion is not just to create something new and amazing to wear but to capture the emotions and heart of the wearer. The designer’s personality is infused into every piece he creates.”

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A.BcH on Street Ruwnay 3 at Melbourne Fashion Week

“Creating considered fashion and lifestyle pieces for global, conscious citizens, A.BCH is making responsible fashion desirable while removing many of the barriers customers face when seeking out healthier alternatives.

Their aim is to see genuine change for good within the fashion industry. Every piece the label puts into the world is created with intent, from responsibly sourced fibres, threads and components to ethical supply chains.” -Melbourne Fashion Week

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Autark at MFW street runway three

“Head designer and founder of the brand, Sophia McMahon, creates garments from luxurious of silks, cottons, linens and an array of natural fibres that are carefully considered in their construction for maximum wearability and versatility.

Designs are reflective not only in their function, juxtaposition of fabrics and minute detail but in the way they are constructed. McMahon’s passionate belief in the slow fashion movement ensures that wastage is minimised through the limited and attentive production of pieces, while her convictions ensure that all Autark garments are created ethically and fairly.” – Melbourne Fashion Week

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Gehrich - Melbourne Fashion Week Street runway

“After graduating from the Whitehouse Institute of Design in 2008, designer Samantha Gehrich decided to focus her creative talent on designing outerwear as a platform into the fashion industry.

Having long been influenced by her rural upbringing, Gehirch draws on Tasmanian wilderness as a strong inspiration of play and movement featured in every garment. Each style is imprinted with an element of Gehrich the designer’s quirky creative sense and this is reflected in details such as oversized collars, layered cuffs or the freedom of a trapeze cut.” – Melbourne Fashion Week

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Ivy Niu

Ivy Niu on the Runway at Melbourne Fashion Week

“Ivy is a well versed Illustrator by qualification and trade. Her established career and keen eye for contemporary fashion echo in her designs, giving the IVY NIU wearer one-of-a-kind, coveted pieces. 

Collections feature playful and bold pieces that have been delicately illustrated by hand and digitally composited in-house, with production managed step-by-step by Ivy herself. Every piece places an emphasis on simple silhouettes and features organic shapes and eclectic designs. Each pattern is a limited edition print run and no one collection is the same, giving the wearer an exclusive piece to cherish for years to come.” – Melbourne Fashion Week

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Jude designs on the runway at MFW

“Designer Jude Ng trained as a painter at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne and later went on to study fashion design at RMIT. His skills in fine art, fashion design and love of luxurious handcraft techniques and workmanship have evolved to create a fashion product which is completely unique.

Today, Ng utilises a combination of his fashion training and fine arts sensibility as the foundation  for his approach to making clothes. From the way he builds shapes and design lines on the body, to the way he chooses fabrications and styles the clothes together he approaches each process from the perspective of creating an original artwork which can be worn and appreciated by a wider audience than a painting hanging in a gallery.” -Melbourne Fashion Week

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Kholo on Street Runway Three - MFW

“With a childhood embedded in Fiji and roots in India, Kasabia Karishma aims to inject happiness into every garment she designs. Being a size 16 means Kasabia designs for a curvy figure as well as a size 6. You’ll find pieces from size 6 to 20, ready for to take you from day to night. For her newest collection, the designer drew inspiration from the season – a time for delight, gelatos and berries. – Melbourne Fashion Week

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Millicent Elizabeth

Millicent Elizabeth on Street Runway three at MFW

“Millicent Elizabeth elevates the everyday with the use of exquisite natural fibres and exclusive modern cuts.

The label is dedicated to providing enduring styles for the discerning modern woman. Garments are proudly made in Adelaide from 100% natural materials including wool, silk, and linen. Millicent Elizabeth is focused on providing sustainable and ethical fashion from luxurious fabrics.” -Melbourne Fashion Week


Oneiric at MFW street runway

“Sandra Estepho is a Melbourne based fashion designer, specialising in women’s wear. After studying a Bachelor of Arts/Design with a major in Fashion at the Australian Academy of Design, she then moved to Rochester England, attaining valuable tailoring experience at The University of The Creative Arts. Sandra began her career working with London-based designers in knitwear and tailoring. From these experiences she went on to do styling for editorial shoots, which have been featured in a number of European fashion magazines.

Estepho launched Oneiric in 2015, starting as a custom, made-to-order label. Since its inception it has evolved into collections aiming to represent the modern woman. Each textile and details featured in the pieces aim to accentuate silhouettes, with the overall aesthetic translating to modern and experimental cuts.” -Melbourne Fashion Week

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