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Is This The Biggest Footwear Trend In Years?

Square Toe Shoes

Not quite done with reviving 90s staples, fashion’s footwear of the moment is shaping up to be square toe shoes.

Chances are you’ve seen numerous supermodels and street style stars flexing quilted Bottega Veneta mules and strappy sky-blue sandals on your feed. What feels like an overnight flood of Instagram content featuring square toe shoes in  flat lays and faux-candids has actually been a steady climb into major trend territory over the last few months.

Bottega Veneta Footwear

The typical 90s square toe shoes tended to feature on chunkier, rubber-soled styles of footwear. Whereas the trending take on this retro style is all about strappy elegance, summery mules and sophisticated slingbacks. As well as being featured in many a runway show, the square toe shoe has been a favoured silhouette in the sun-drenched European street style this season. It was only a matter of time before the trend hit us here in Aus. As if we weren’t already looking forward to summer enough…

Alias Mae Square-toe shoe trend

It’s always wise to approach trends with caution – particularly in the novelty-driven climate of fast fashion. But, we concede, there’s plenty of reason to be square.

Ultra pointy shoe styles will always be a fashion favourite thanks to their elongating effect and chic silhouette. And the prevalence of round toe shoes can make them feel a little safe for some style lovers. For those looking for something a little more functional without losing the wow factor,  square toe shoes provide a pretty sweet middle ground.

Square-toe shoe trend

While trending designs like the aforementioned Bottega Veneta beauties are one of the more hyped iterations of the square-toe trend, we fully expect to see all kinds of takes make waves in street style soon. From exaggerated, sculptural styles to squared-off loafers and platforms, the possibilities are endless.

Square-toe shoe trend

Here’s one for the footwear fiends out there looking for any excuse to make their next purchase. Check out our article on the five heels that will reinvent your wardrobe. You might also like: Australian Designer Shoe Brands You Should Know.

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