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Road Test – Rundle Street East

We invited three followers to Road Test the Rundle Street East precinct in Adelaide. They had no idea what to expect, who they’d be doing it with, or what they’d be testing out. No scripts, no expectations, no payment.  Just an invitation to try something out  and a bit of blind faith in Cocktail Revolution.


Petar Prodanovic

Petar Prodanovic Rundle St East Road Test“The Road Test was an amazing experience! It allowed me to go exploring in the east end of Adelaide along Rundle Street East with two complete strangers and we had the most wonderful time together. It was almost like a blind date. We didn’t know what to expect and where we were going so it was an exciting day full of surprises. My favourite part of the day was lunch and cocktails at NOLA. I always though NOLA was a Spanish or Italian restaurant so I was very pleased when I learnt that it was a southern style Louisiana cuisine which is one of my favourite and it was really nice way to end an exciting day. The food and cocktails were delicious. I had Jimmy from memory and it was a gin based cocktail but rather fruity and aromatic in flavour. Loved all of the food.

Over all the whole thing was a great experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone to do a Road Test if the opportunity arises.

At Felici Espresso Bar I really enjoyed the avocado mash served on a crusty bread – it was a big serve and very delicious and the coffee was great

At MJ Bale I enjoyed the atmosphere of the place, it gave me 20’s-30’s old style feel and service was exceptional, we were even taught how to do a tie in a very simple way. I really liked their camel trench coat

At Leonard St I enjoyed the nostalgic feel of the clothes and I really loved their logo which features a sloth – so cute

At NOLA I enjoyed everything – the tater tots were yummy – for a such a simple meal they were delicious – definitely order them when you’re there next and the cocktails – A plus.”


Annie Dinh

Annie Dinh Rundle St East Road Test“Thank you for inviting me to be a part of the road test.  I absolutely had the best time and wished I was able to stay longer.

Felici Espresso Bar is the perfect cosy place for a good brunch meal! Heaps of variety and the fresh squeezed juice is amazing!

MJ Bale – your one stop shop for all your suit attire. Juliette the store manager will have you looking sophisticated top to toe.

Leonard St – adorable quirky pieces with loads of animal printed garments.

NOLA – probably my favorite place, food was super tasty and had the perfect vibe! Definitely a stop for an afternoon cocktail.

Overall it was such a fun experience I never would have tried these stores/ cafes in Rundle Street East, if it wasn’t for the Road Test. ”


Michelle Luciano

Michelle Luciano Rundle St East Road Test” I had a great time with Annie and Petar.

Felici Espresso Bar was the first stop. It was a great, relaxed way to kick it off with Eggs Benedict and the morning sun shining upon us with a view of Rundle Street. Who doesn’t love to people watch?!!

Then we went to MJ Bale menswear. Juliette (the store manager) taught Annie and myself how to tie a men’s tie professionally. It’s never too late to learn and a great skill to have. I always find that groomsmen often ask me (when I’m at work as a make-up artist at a wedding) if I can help them tie a tie? And where does the flower go?! I usually feel so bad not knowing! I still need a little practice but at least I can seek  out MJ Bale for Men’s suits when I’m shopping with my partner and get another lesson in!

Then we went to Leonard St clothing. The style is contemporary quirky and fun.  Reminds me of Gorman but has its own edge with patterns on many of the fabrics and a great price point.  We also received lovely gifts! (Thank you Leonard St)

The best part of the road test was NOLA. It was the perfect time for an impeccable cocktail. (Lady Nola was divine.) It reminded me of a Pisco Sour I had in Peru. It’s probably not the same ingredients but it had a frothy texture on top and a good tangy flavour.The food was indulgent and delicious with a New Orleans-Louisiana theme. We all shared dishes but the best two for me were the tator tots (they remind me of good Spanish croquets) and the fried chicken was to die for, quite literally! I’ve since squeezed in a few crossfit classes to burn it off!

I love this part of town. There’s so much to find in Rundle Street East. Thank you Cocktail Revolution for a fun filled Road Test journey!!”







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