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Ways to Reinvent Your Wardrobe on a Budget

Womens Fashion is Easier to Update than You’d Think

Even with all the available options in the trend saturated world of womens fashion, there are still moments we find ourselves uninspired and looking for a style change.

You don’t have to buy a whole heap of new clothing in order to reinvent your wardrobe. In fact, nothing forces creativity more than having to work around some restrictions. Read on for tips on spicing up your style and reinventing your wardrobe, without going on a shopping spree.

Look To Iconic Style Muses

Women's fashion styles
Francois Hardy by Victor Blackman

Looking up to today’s social media stars sometimes fails to inspire. In the age of the online influencer, womens fashion choices can seem disingenuous and forced. Too much ad-driven imagery can leave you with a desire to shop new trends instead of playing around with your current wardrobe pieces.

If you’re searching for a new perspective, look into the off duty outfits of some of the world’s most captivating style icons from the pre-Instagram era. The way these women dress their outfits up or down while keeping their signature flair is sure to inspire.

Ditch Your Fast Fashion Addiction

Women's fashion stylesIt might seem counter-intuitive, but the key to reinventing your wardrobe is to buy less, not more. By limiting your purchases of new clothing, you’ll intuitively start selecting high-quality items that you can mix and match throughout the seasons.

Eventually, you’ll have curated a wardrobe full of beautiful pieces that you love wearing rather than drowning in countless low-quality garms.

Shop Vintage

Women's fashion stylesIf you can’t curb your shopping habits quite so easily, shop pre-loved clothing, shoes and accessories instead. A select few womens fashion pieces from decades past might just be the key to unlocking a new style for yourself.

Get savvy about the kinds of thrift stores or second-hand sites you can shop from, and you can end up with a great big clothing haul for a fraction of the price.

Embrace Accessories

Women's fashion stylesThe simplest and often least expensive way to elevate the pieces you already own is through the use of accessories. Play with silhouette by adding a belt to the waist or hips, a pair statement earrings with a pared-back outfit or try out different kinds of hats – they double as cover-up on a bad hair day, too. Accessories have always played a huge role in womens fashion. There’s so much to experiment with, and you won’t have to break the bank to do so.

Experiment with makeup and grooming

Womens fashion styles can be updated with a new look in hair and makeup!

As part of your style revamp, consider diversifying your makeup and hair styling choices. While this isn’t technically a wardrobe change, some sartorial elements pack more punch when enhanced by a strong makeup look. A bold cat eye and nude lips can take your turn your classic LBD into a 60’s inspired party look. A hint of neon eyeliner can brighten up a minimal outfit. The evolution of womens fashion and style over the years hasn’t just been about clothing, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Listen to the Stylists

Stylist Juvelle Behrendorff has loads of advice for updating womens fashion wardrobes

Professional stylists have loads of advice for updating your wardrobe on a budget. Remember to follow their freely available and helpful advice!  Tap here to see what six of the best recommend!


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