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Best Indoor Plants for Apartment Living

For all those at home, we wanted to switch things up a bit, from street style fashion trends to indoor home decorating trends. Right now, Jenna Flood, AKA the Ironic Minimalist is in lockdown in Melbourne, along with everyone else in Victoria, NSW and the ACT. Jenna’s had her share of disappointments and successes with growing indoor plants, so is well placed to share what she’s learnt about populating indoors with green life from the outdoors. Here’s Jenna’s take on the best and most popular indoor plants to uplift your work-from-home space.

I’ve had my fair share of heartbreak over plants. Droopy leaves, overwatering, plants that just reuse to grow a single leaf are all common occurrences for me. So why do I persist with the plant life? They simply bring me joy. When I open my eyes in the morning and catch a glimpse of my trailing devil’s ivy or see that my monstera has in fact grown a new leaf, I feel like a proud mother. One that grew my leafy friends from a small seedling or clipping. 

If you too are ready to feel that joy, then grab a trowel and meet me outside.

What’s All the Fuss About Indoor Plants?

For many of us, the best part of two years have been spent inside as the globe battles the pandemic. We have been seeking ways to make our homes more nourishing to places to spend our day to day lives.

That’s where indoor plants come in. Many indoor plants have been proven to help us stress less, benefit our mental health and boost our productivity. So it’s no wonder we want our lounges filled with green leaves.

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What Are the Best Indoor Plants for Your Home?

Whether your apartment is awash with natural light, or as dark as a winter’s day, there is still a plant out there for you. The best indoor plants to grow are also the most popular because they’re relatively fail-safe. These are my top-five, most popular indoor plants that are also easy to grow.

Swiss Cheese Plant (Monsteria Deliciosa)

With its large green leaves littered with distinctive holes, Monstera Deliciosa is one of the most Instagrammed plants out there. A Monstera Deliciosa is easy to care for, but be sure to keep your frondy friend in a warm climate away from direct sunlight. A nice wipe of its leaves is beneficial too.

Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum Aureum)

Leafy Devils Ivy is the perfect snaky vine to twist around your window frame. They are fast-growing, very low maintenance and one of the best indoor plants for a beginner green thumb. Water them at least once a week in the hot months, less in winter. Devils Ivy is the plant that never stops giving. Snip some of the tendrils when they get too long and place them in a glass jar of water to grow new roots.

Zanzibar Gem

Still a little scared to invest in an indoor plant? Then the Zanzibar Gem is for you. Labelled as basically indestructible, the Zanzibar Gem thrives on neglect. Its best watered only once a month and kept in a bright to light shaded area. It can survive in a shady spot, but will be slower to grow there. 

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

Our dear spidey friend can survive a low light situation and it’s best to only water when the soil feels dry. Plop into a hanging basket and let those spindly leaves cascade over the side. Once matured, a spider plant will start having ‘babies’. You can gently pull these off and plant them into a pot with soil for a new friend. 

Snake Plant/Mother-In-Law’s Tongue (Sansevieria)

Pop a Snake Plant in that neglected corner of a room to brighten up the space. For reasons unknown to me, it’s also known as “Mother-In-Law’s Tongue”. Maybe better not to go there! The Snake Plant thrives best when left untouched. Only water when the soil feels completely dry, otherwise you risk overwatering.

Are you ready to gather some greenery in your life? Before you rush out to the local nursery, seek out some friends with a plant addiction. Ask them for some cuttings to begin your new gardening habit. This is a great low-cost way to find the best indoor plants for your home. 

Grab a copy of Plant Society and Leaf Supply for the best tips and tricks.

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