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Not Your Ordinary Flops

Aussie style is all about casual coolness, so it’s no surprise that slides have become such a major footwear trend. Much like any wardrobe staple, it’s hard to resist the urge to buy variations of the same piece. Enter, NYOF – Not Your Ordinary Flop.

Featuring interchangeable uppers, called patches, NYOF slides transform your style from cosy casual to party-ready without the need for a second pair of shoes.

Too good to be true? We asked your top-voted street style favourite for November, Trinity, to team up with two of our crew to give them a whirl.

Trinity Hill – Street Style Favourite

“This past weekend I got to try out the new NYOF slides and I was really impressed. I think this is a super cool funky and innovative way to style slides. Often I feel like slides are overlooked and under appreciated. But the different designs and changeable covers give you a fresh new vibe whenever you want.  They’re now one of my favourites and the best way to turn  a plain look into a cute look!”

Fashionable Slides Maggie Zhou – Fashion Blogger

“Not Your Ordinary Flop lives up to its namesake. I was a bit skeptical before I saw them – one pair of slides that you can change up depending on your style? Sounds too good to be true!

NYOF’s are fun, playful and add a splash of colour to your outfit. I love the high-quality slides and easy velcro application. Each patch is individually handmade with love.

My favourite would have to be the ‘Cool Summer’ patch – it’s super soft and I love the beaded letters. The ‘Check It Out’ patches are also really cute! The subtle primary colours in it really match with most of my colourful wardrobe.”

Maggie Zhou & Trinity trying out different patches for slides

Hannah Guyer – Crew

“NYOF slides are the kind of fashion innovation I’m all about. Changeable patches allow you to easily match the shoes to your outfit.  You only need one pair of slides in your wardrobe to pair with all your looks.

My style typically tends to merge masculine and feminine silhouettes. Pairing boxy tees with high waisted culottes or a simple, straight dress paired with light silver jewellery. Colour-wise, I tend to stick to monochromes but love adding colour with my accessories. NYOF provides a number of good options including punk-esque tartan print. I chose the “Denim Sky” patches to pair with raw hemmed, light wash mum jeans and a knotted white tee. I can see the style being rocked in other double denim looks.”

Trinity & Hannah try out the new slides“Although these come with a heavier price tag then I’d usually allow for slides ($149.50 for the Original Flop, $180.50 with an additional patch), the price is warranted due to the quality and detail of the slides. The “Cool” on the ‘Cool Summer’ patches is covered in dozens of tiny iridescent pearl style beads stitched on super lush faux fur. I see these flops becoming a staple for those who want an easy-to-wear but stylish addition to their footwear collection.”

NYOF Slides worn by Hannah, Trinity and Maggie
With 12 different patches to choose from including the originals, the hardest part was choosing which ones to test run. See all the choices of NYOF patches here.

Two different replaceable patches for NYOF Slides



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